About Me

Lauw Claudia F.
My name is Claudia, and Lauw is my other half's name :)  I started blogging prolifically in 2009, and after being MIA for a year I decided to make a separate casual blog for Dota Esport.
I'm also a pro DDR player, reaching the pinnacle of completing all the songs from DDR series with AA result at challenge/heavy catastrophic level, and a national Bloody Roar champion of PlayStation fighting tournament. I started playing DotA in 2007-2008 and been addicted to the game ever since.

Basic Info
Birthday: 6 December
Education: Graphic Designer graduate
Current job: graphic designer, florist
Things I usually do: streaming Dota 2 at BIGO, ID @lauwclaudia, beauty/lifestyle blogging.
What I like: Playing games, cooking, photography, eat, sleep, hot shower, blogging, natures, flowers, tea
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 45 kgs
Blood type: B

Game: DotA, DDR, any fighting games, Ragnarok, Rose online
Console Game: Legend of Mana, Bloody Roar, and any other fighting games except Tekken
Color: white, black, beige
Animals: Cat
Drink: Tea, Hazelnut milk tea, Rosella tea
Music: from classic to underground
Food: Sam gyeop sal, salmon maki, Manado/Balinese food, kimchi jigae, tom yum
Fruit: Strawberry, lemon, pome
Celebrity: Norman Reedus, Avril Lavigne

Afraid of: Balloon, c bug, laggy internet


  1. Hi nice to know about you :)
    I sent you a hangout request, would love to have a chat ^_^
    I also blogged for more than a year but now i don't get time for it :(

    1. Hi! you can chat me via tweet, I'm quite active on twitter :)

    2. But sadly i am not on twitter :(
      Why don't you check your hangouts on gmail?