Sunday, May 28, 2017

Funny dota, trappy snake

Maaaan... I know I haven't posted anything for so long! I was so conflicted! I got too many blogs on my hand and I wasted lots of time by just thinking on which blog I should write, and ended up writing nothing anyway, lol.

So yeah, I'm back from iRO to Dota2 again! and recently I've been wasting my -precious- time playing doto again, partying with friends. This time, I had a f. funny moment in one of those games. I was super duper sleepy that time and was just one hit away to bed, but my friend keeps asking me to play. Being a lazyass addict I am, I oked them and chose to play anyway. We were a full pt team, and two of us were sleepy af, Me and the BB.

to make it short, we managed to push right to tier 3 tower, and I still have my ult, so I think we could be able to get tier 3 tower. with that on mind, I plant my ward near their tier 3 tower, with BB, of course, being at front. My team, to what I saw, were doing this kind of... kiting movement. so after I planted the ward,  3 of them moved back a bit and of course, as a sup, I need to be around them, so I moved back a bit.... and that's when the BB screamed in panic.

BB: *pinging nonstop*"hey guys why you leave me? heeyyy?!!!"
Friend C&A: wtf you doing just get back u weirdo!
BB: *panicky pinging* heyyy I'm gonna die, helpppppp!!!!
Me: wth stfu get back u moron
BB: *still pinging nonstop* I CAN'T!!! YOU TRAPPED ME INSIDE WARD!

it was only 2 seconds before my friends, BB, died. When I checked  - he really is trapped INSIDE the ward, with the tower (and enemies) hitting him. HAHAHAHA!

BB: *still pinging even madder* waaaaaaaaaaatt I died!

and I'm the sole reason that he's dead


I had the loudest laugh in my life.

HUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I just. cant... do anything, right, I was sleepy af and I, eh no... not only me, all of us (except BB) didn't even notice that BB is trapped inside my SS. HAHAHAHAHAHA~~~~!!!

All of us spent the next 10-15minutes, like, laughing. This is the first time I've ever trapped my team mates, inside my ward, for a BAD reason. But that was unintentional, of course :3 let's blame the sleepiness!!!

See, I was at maximum level of sleepiness while playing this game. Protip: play dota with maximum lvl of sleepiness, WTF moment guaranteed.

ye ye ye, ikr, I'd be mad af if someone were to do that to me, but it's me, the Giant in Doraemon series. so since I'm Giant. issokai. ok?

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