Sunday, January 1, 2017

Pajkatt back to pro scene + NAVI roster

which I've always been waiting! I cried a loud FINALLY when I heard the news from NA'VI official site and I knew I can't be any happier! Pajkatt is like, one of pro player that I've always looking forward to. In fact, I have lots of replay of Pajkatt's pub games (along with w33ha, miracle-, matumbaman, and jerax). When it comes to carry, watching Pajkatt and Matumba's games is absolutely compulsive. He's good and I hope he can just get along with NA'VI's well enough, and hopefully, would be able to strike it good for their upcoming tournaments - since everyone's also hoping that NA'VI would actually make a good comeback.

"Happy to be playing competitive Dota 2 once again, now under the Na`Vi banner. Looking forward to working hard with my new teammates and hopefully becoming a team we all can be proud to be a part of!"

I know he's coming back to pro scene sooner or later, his pub games this past months were really good and while you know that the majority of spectators in dota 2 are vicious, most of them are rooting for Pajkatt and were wondering why he isn't coming back to pro scene before he actually joined NAVI.

"Pajkatt will be a captain, drafter and carry of the team. We had time to test Per and he proved to be a true leader and intelligent team player as well as to have a great playing shape. Pajkatt has things to prove, since he didn’t have really great achievements in his career. We believe that he’ll live up to our hopes and win many titles with Na`Vi."
-Yevgeniy "HarisPilton" Zolotarov – eSports Director of Natus Vincere

The support-fourth position is filled by rmN- (German player from fantastic five), and support fifth position is taken by Malthe "Biver" Winther from Prodota Gaming.

Na'vi Spring Shuffle

[Sweden] Per Anders Olsson "Pajkatt" Lille
[Ukraine] Danil “Dendi” Ishutin
[Ukraine] Viktor “GeneRaL” Nigrini
[Germany] Roman "rmN-" Paley
[Denmark] Malthe ""Biver" Winther

As for now, I can't say much about rmN- or Biver since I haven't taken my time to indulge myself  in watching their pub games. But I believe in HarisPilton that the two would make a great member of Na'vi. That being said.

The rest three? I'm pretty sure that everyone would have known who they are. Dendi has always been one of the big shot in DotA's realm. Pajkatt is well known for getting the very first RAMPAGE ever in competitive Dota 2 with his infamous sniper. GeneRal is of course one of the best offlaner too.

With this, I'm really hoping that they would be having a nice teamwork within, as I believe that a good team work is better than impeccable individual skills. For that, I'll be tagging Wings Gaming for their PERFECT TEAM WORK, they're almost flawless in every game they had. On the contrary, we have Team Liquid, which is still my favorite Dota 2 team, they got like three 9k MMR (Miracle-, Matumbaman, GH) now in the team but haven't been performing as nice as they did with Liquid's previous roster in Manila Major. I do hope they would somehow worked their way out and be one of the big shot again this year.

Anyhow, let's hope the best for Na'vi!

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