Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Hi guys! I'll be active on BIGO LIVE now, so if you are insterested to watch me playing any kind of games ( I play Dota 2  and Ragnarok mostly) you can follow my BIGO ID @lauwclaudia

Note that since I'm still staying at a boarding house, the connection might not be as good. I'm monitoring and when it's good I'll just give Dota 2 a kick. but if the ping isn't stable, I'll go play arcade mode like 10 vs 10 or overthrow.

My List:
- Dota 2
- IRo (International Ragnarok Online)
- Rose online
- Audition

Planning to get PS 2 emulator and plays Dance Dance Revolution and bloody roar too

My front camera is quite bad, see the noises? I guess I'll need to work on the lighting later.
if you have any games recommendation, go ahead and post a comment here, thanks and I'll see you soon!

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