Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Miracle- Stream Music Playlist (Sept 2016)

You might have heard a few of these songs being played by yours truly Miracle- while streaming, but just in case you've missed a few, here's Miracle- stream music playlist as per September 2016.
Playlist by kookeee (Miracle-'s avid manager)

It contains 111 music, mostly by Hollywood Undead, from ashes to new, ashes remain, blue stahli, lansdowne, etc, check it out yourself!

If you're watching him streaming on twitch, you'll notice a huge burst in his channel chat everytime he plays this legendary music:


Listen to its glory and be ready for a banjo dance! It has become the legendary road to 9k MMR dota stream music because it's originally played by Arteezy on his own stream channel. Many dislikes the music and dissed Arteezy for his music tastes, but when Miracle- starts to play the music, everything is different. Let me quote some message by a random watcher:

I start to like RTZ's taste in music now because of you Miracle

though, I personally LOVE the music, SWAMP THING is one of the best (even Dota Watafak use Swamp Thing quite often!) Currently my second favorite (from Miracle- playlist), the first being WE ARE ELECTRIC, which kookeee forgot to enlist. Some newer dota player enthusiastically asked about 'we are electric' when Miracle- plays it. While avid old dota player would of course knew how legendary 'we are electric' is, thanks to WODOTA :)

Miracle- ♥ Arteezy

By the way, Miracle- is using uybghm as his current nick for streaming (id: 105248644). I passionately scoured almost all of 6k-ish MMR LIVE play just to find POS7 or Ragnar(armageddon), whom Amer party with the most.

As for me, I don't really have Dota 2 music 'playlist'. But when I was still playing dota 1, the command -music other4 is my favorite, and even until now I'm still hooked on DotA (warcraft) bgms. So this has always been my favorite playlist.

Warcraft bgms are irreplaceable! It gives a nostalgic touch to Dota 2, so that's why I love listening to this music while playing Dota 2.

How about you? What's your favorite playlist and why?

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