Saturday, September 17, 2016

Miracle- is to join Liquid + new roster

if you're following Miracle- on twitch, chance is that you've might noticed that Miracle- had been giving out a sheer hint that he's going to join Liquid. I was almost 100% assured that Miracle- is really going to be part of Liquid after FATA- declared that he's going to kick himself if Miracle- would ever wants to join the team.

And yes, it has been officially announced on TEAMLIQUIDPRO.COM. TL seems like they're super excited about the new roster as they're welcoming the new members, Miracle- and Bulba.

Pictures taken from Miracle- official twitter account, which had been changed from Miracle_doto2 to Liquid_Miracle

I have a mixed feeling about this because part of me is saddened that Jesse (JerAx) had to leave Liquid and FATA- is taking a break from Dota.

"I feel like its rather necessary for me to do. From too much stress of the frequent travels to just not enjoying the game as I used to," he wrote. "I hope the break will clear up some things for me, motivate me and hopefully allow me to be a better player when i do come back. Right now I do not have a certain idea how long it will last. I just want to wait till I feel I really want to play and win again." said FATA-
I just hope that someday the new, refreshed FATA- would return to pro scene, finger crossed!

On the other hand, I'm so thrilled by the fact that one of the best player in the world is officially joining my most favored team, Liquid. I've seen Miracle- and Matumbaman playing with and againts each other in pub games, but from now on they'll embark the pro scene together as a team, I'm DROP DEAD HAPPY! My top ten favorite players in a team, almost like a dream team for me and I seriously can't wait to see them playing together as a team in the upcoming tournament.

"I am looking forward to playing with Team Liquid since I have been friends with everyone on the team for a while. I wish that we can fulfill our dreams together and achieve everything that we hope for." -Miracle

Team Liquid new roster (2016)
Miracle- (Amer Barqawi) - midlaner
Matumbaman (Lasse Urpalainen) - carry
KuroKy - support
Mind_control (Ivan Borislavov) - offlaner
Bulba (Kanishka 'Sam' Sosale) - support

By the way, especially for those who are still single (lol) and got nothing to do on Saturday night, be sure to drop off to TL #MATUMBAMAN-AMA channel on discord as they're going to be having fun with us fans.

It's going to be another big year for Liquid`Dota, and we're kicking off our new team with an AMA with none other than Liquid`MATUMBAMAN! On Saturday, Sep 17 5:00pm GMT (GMT+00:00), join us on our Discord server and throw your best questions at one of the world's best carries. You can talk mother Russia's premium Dotka, or just hang out and have fun with your fellow Liquid fans. Knowing MATUMBA, this could be one of the greatest AMA's of all time, so make sure to be there.

Just follow this link to join.

Once you've entered Team Liquid Community via the link, you'll be taken straight to the Discord via browser (or app if you have it) and plopped into the #registration chat. It may seem empty, but don't fret, as we'll help you map things out so you can join in on the action! Type "add all" into the #registration channel (this will bring up all our chat rooms) and you'll quickly spot the #MATUMBAMAN-AMA channel. Click on it and you're there.

MATU's AMA will be live at 19:00 CEST -- channel will be live closer to event start I'll see you there guys!

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