Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The International 6 Group Stage day 1 - I LOVE LIQUID ♥

Be prepared, I'm gonna rambling about TI 6 all over again!
But before that, I'm gonna show you something that really made my day today! (albeit being sleep deprived with lack of LIQUID, yes! LIQUID!

Several minutes before their first match againts NewBee, I sent a tweet to them, wishing a goodluck.
And they replied, complete with the cute gif. Holyshit. How kind, eh? I mean they're a super busy individual, no? Not to mention that it's just a couple of mins before their first match! I was like OMG I should print this out, frame it, put it on my desk and stare it lovingly to sleep. DUH! YES I'm a fangirl, so what?! I LOVE LIQUID!

LIQUID is my all time FAVORITE team!
Why? maybe because Matumba, <-- go follow him if you haven't. Blame him! lol. No lah, I like everyone in TL. I like the way they play, their aggressiveness, their patience, their strategy, tactics, and so on and so on.

That's why I kind of resent OG for defeating TL on Manila Major, lol.
I'd laugh maniacally everytime Miracle- got killed. LOL, just kidding, I like Miracle-
Though, I really had a good laugh seeing how Miracle-'s tiny got FBed and then killed again by Mirana in the same minute today, Mwahahhahaa!

Here's the final score for today! Gosh OG is so scary, I wish Liquid can wipe them out this time, like PLEASE!? Don't let OG win, so boring, two majors and now TI? oh please just please don't.

Btw today's games are FULL OF HUSKAR x IO combos
Sumail and Zai picked them,  Arteezy and PieLieDie picked them, YapzOr and Era picked them. Not only that, sometimes Huskar would also get additional luxury from Dazzle. Yeah you guess, the grave! How irritating would that be for you? I'll give 10/10.
Other popular heroes are Siren and Morph. I guess we'll be seeing more Morph after TI6 for sure.

NAVI, I hope they could do better on next game please? Dendi you CAN DO IT ok? Hehe! Meanwhile, Arteezy and team won an easy games, OG no need further information, easy win as usual and only lost once to LGD's beautiful comeback. EHOME and Newbee played so aggressively! They deserved the highlight!

Zai's IO saved Sumail's Huskar ass by tethering and took him back to fountain. Gosh, that's beyond AWESOME! Check this out, what a perfect timing from Zai, bravo!

Moon's axe also entertained me a lot, he blinked twice to enemy base, smoke, and blink again to enemy fountain, taking back the freaking gem, OMG! Well done Moon!


Nah, I've been sitting on my uncomfy chair in uncomfy position for 14 hours straight! My butt is plain flat by now! I need to babysit my butt a little and give them a luxury they deserve soon (oh can't I forgot my spring bed is freaking hard as rock too!)
And --DUH! I also need to pack my things up and move to another bedroom, how annoying! I NEED SLEEP! So I'll just sleep ok?

I'm leaving you with a cute picture of Matumba! (and pajkat) (Thanks reader!!) Bye!

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  1. I didn't know about that team! Sounds fun :) Thanks for stopping by!
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