Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Photolog: Potion's Path & Primrose Lolita Tea Party

This would be my first photolog entry ever on this blog!
Kevin told me that he was invited to be a butler in a tea party held by Primrose Store x Potion's Path cafe & eatery and asked me to come, and so I did! I thought, it's gonna be kind of fun since I too have been wanting to attend a tea party event. I love love LOVE TEA! For god's sake I can't imagine a life without daily cups of tea, HOW?! I really want to digress now and just talk about tea! lol! But let's keep things on its track.

I love flowers! And I love their table settings too! all so flowery and got this fairy-tinge on it.

 Woody decor with antique feels, love it!

A picture of Pet (chef) made by a fan.

They also got some cute guys sitting around:

 a yellow sitting pensively at the top of vending machine

 a perky pink octopus, he looks happy! 

Spicy chicken rice with veggies, yum!!! 

 Random shoot of wilting rose

I WOULD NEVER GET ENOUGH OF THIS PANDAN TEA SERIOUSLY! I LOOOOVE IT! Very refreshing,  I ordered like 5 glasses of this tea and I still crave for it! Can you believe it!? Downside? I had to pee for freaking 4 times when I went to PVJ soon after. Damn!

 And the famous Potion's Path iconic drink:

Inspired by fairy tale-RPG, this potion will restore your hit points and mana by 9999, lol! a real life healing potion and healing salve, would you like to try? It's sweet and refreshing!

 Pet and Rei Fen
Pet is da chef, and Rei Fen? He's a freaking funny guy! I had a good laugh with him at KFC while talking about 'boy's love' material LOL and we got along pretty well. He's a damn good hairstylist too, look at his hair? pretty cool, huh? I'll make him style my boring hair anytime soon!

 Rei, me, and Kevin da butler.  What? flip flops? boy shirt? I love them!

Pretty-and-cute lolita girls

Tiffany Miyuki (maid), Rei, Kevin, and a girl that I've yet to know! Whoever she is, she's wearing a gorgeous gothic lolita dress! I should've taken a heap more photos of the lolita girls but I came sooooo late! I also lost few photos of the other lolitas (blame iphone stupid battery!), so yeah :( these are all I have.

Speaking about lolita, I'm a BIG FAN of lolita stuff (gothic style to be specific), but I'm not a spender so I only have like, two original japanese branded lolita dress. the first I've ever owned is a gothic lolita dress from MAXICIMAM, I seriously love it! Second is Wonder Story JSK from Angelic Pretty. I haven't had a chance to wear them oh my god!!!

cute isn't it? Of course it is! hahaha
Lolita style and tea party event are mutually inclusive! Like, when some party throw a tea party even, you'd be assured to see lots of kawaii girls in their endearing lolita dress. Very-pretty-style! I love it!


Damn cute pink ANGELIC PRETTY JSK set! Damn damn damn, if only I have my AP jsk here I'd be joining the event as one of the lolita! *CRY* I want this dress!!! I know I can't totally pacify my crazyness over cute-pink-frilly stuff!

That's it for the photolog today, I'm starving so much I need to eat now! *squirms away to kitchen reheating my homemade doenjang jigae* bye folks! I leave you with a selca of mine drinking the soul quenching pandan tea!


  1. Wow you have really amazing friends. i like the design of the cafe every corner of this cafe is fantastic. it's like in the fairy tale movie.

    *_* ...that pink dress is beyond cute!

  2. wow this place is super cute!!! great photos!