Friday, August 26, 2016

Miracle-, Cr1t, Moon part ways with OG, DC welcomed Moon

Moonmeander has been removed from OG. Meanwhile, Miracle- and Cr1t chose to part ways with OG on their own accord. 


Seriously OG? After you defeat my beloved Liquid at Manila Major?
I kind of wanted to say, "why don't you do it sooner?" (so Liquid can take first place on Manila Major), no offense though! because I don't, and would never say it!


I'm not a die hard fan of OG, in fact, at first, I got so vexed by OG because they defeated Liquid on Manila Major grand final. But it was an awesome, fair 'n square match so I couldn't really complain about anything and just accept the result with dignity. Both teams were doing their best and I appreciate that. *though I bawled like there's no tomorrow that time because I'M DYING TO SEE LIQUID WIN!*

From there on, I have this love-and-hate relationship with OG, like I had with NAVI (remembers how NAVI won  the very first TI ever?) I'm a huge fan of MYM back then! I watched their very last Dota 1 tournament (MYM vs NAVI) which reminds me a lot to EG vs Alliance epic come back in TI6. Yes MYM won and I truly cried my soul out when they defeat NAVI that time. That love and hate relationship, chiseled me out to be a fan of NAVI (read: Dendi *sorry Dendi!) later on, particularly because I love how humble and loyal Dendi is!

And I know I was going to be one of OG's fan  anytime soon!

Then this happened...
Just like moonmeander said,

"I really hope it is a joke"

sadly it is not...

I knew it was true upon seeing this post on OG's facebook page.

TI Shuffle Season: Change is Never Easy
It’s been an amazing year for OG.
After a little Monkey Business, we came together, trusted in each other and fought hard.
The Frankfurt Major win wouldn’t have happened without the incredible support we got from the community, our insanely passionate fans and the all-or-nothing attitude from every single player on the team.
With the Shanghai loss, we were disheartened. We re-grouped and promised to work harder, train harder and prove it at every event we attended.
Vials of Blood, sweat and tears later, we were ready for Manila. Winning our second Major event proved that our decision to stick together and believe in each other through the lows was the right thing to do.
Days later, we were on stage with the ESL One Trophy in Frankfurt and shortly after, ended second to Wings at The Summit.
Today we recollect ourselves in the aftermath of what we all had come together to fight for: The International. For us, OG is more than just MMR and prize-money. It’s getting to take the game we love to new heights and share it with family.
We let ourselves down but we’re not giving up.
Change is never easy but it’s here. We will fight our way back to the number 1 spot but today we announce the departure of three of OG’s year-long members: MoonMeander, Miracle- and Cr1t-.
We’ve made the difficult decision that Moon will no longer be an active player on the OG roster but wish him nothing but success wherever he decides to go. Cr1t- and Miracle- have chosen to find their new homes elsewhere in the DOTA2 arena.
The former OGs had the following to say:
“I’d like to thank OG for everything it has done for me. I wish them good luck in their future endeavours” ― Moon
“I would like to thank OG for everything. I had a really great time and thanks to Red Bull for the support they've been amazing. We had a really good times and great memories together. I would like to thank Johan and Tal, they both taught me alot. I still love everyone on OG, they are like a family to me and I wish them the very best.” — Miracle-
“I am very appreciative for the past season that I shared with the 4 players on OG. We accomplished something few would have expected and it was the dream start to my career. I will forever cherish this last year and it’s with mixed feelings that I move on and continue to develop my career that all begun with OG. I hope that the fans that followed us and cheered for us will keep following me on my new endeavours. Shoutout to all my former teammates as well as Evany our manager and coach Seb.” ― Cr1t-
In the early days of OG, no one believed that the five guys in green would be able to claim a stake as one of the most achieved DOTA2 teams in the world. Two Major trophies later and now with changes to our group, we don’t intend to stop.
To Moon, Miracle- and Cr1t-: we will miss you. A family might have its ups and downs but it doesn’t just go away. We built a legacy together and all you will all be a part of that.Thank you.
We’ll soon announce the exciting new faces to OG… and some other surprises. We need our incredibly supportive fans (you!) to know that we aren’t going anywhere. The journey to fill the OG trophy cabinet starts again. There has always been just one dream.


a few days ago, Moon uploaded a sad sad SAD video titled "OG Dota 2 Documentary - The First of it's Kind " Go prepare a kleenex and cry your heart out.

And I can feel that my sadness is slowly turning into ANGER! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!



Someone tagged me on twitter. Moon said:
 'I'm little bit stressed', dota, it's all business. Not gonna let myself fall into that TRAP again, FRIENDSHIP THINGS IS ALL BULLSHIT. I was wrong the entire time, I was lying to myself about friendship thing. In the end of the days, money talks.

I HATE changes and would never like it. I still think of Miracle-, particularly, as part of OG. The same goes for the rest... Cr1t left first, Moon then got kicked from OG because of 'clashing personality' (not because a lack of skill). Miracle- left because he doesn't 'feel the same anymore', according to Moon. Though, Miracle- plays for glory, not for money. But not everyone is the same.

Anyway, I've been wondering what OG stands for....

OG stands for: Orangutan Gangsta, Oh Great, Overpowered Gorillas. People said: Original Gangsta. I said: Old Geezer, lol! Siractionslacks said: Overrated Gamers? N0tail answered: OLYMPIC GAYS.

MWAHAHAHAH!!! Fcking funny.


Anyhow, Moon is warmly welcomed in his new team, Digital Chaos, replacing Moo.
Moo and Moo(n), Jun said DC will be better with Moon because of the extra (n), lol -.-

I'm dying to know where Miracle- and Cr1t would be in!!!
Some peoples want Miracle- to join Team Secret, making a 9k duo in the team, lol. What do you think?

Speaking about 9k MMR, let's digress a little, our drunk boi Liquid.Matumbaman nearly hit 9k MMR too, check this out... if he wins 3 more games in a row, he'll be the third to reach freaking 9K MMR.


I had this one wish that someday Liquid would really be able to defeat OG. Like Lasse said,

"everytime losing to them(OG), next time we gonna beat them"

I feel disappointed now that the old OG is no longer here, but let's hope the best to all of them! #dreamgreen is still very much alive. And Liquid, I'll be making something 'nice' for you guys! I will post it publicy as soon as our Matumbaman hit 9k MMR, fingercrossed!


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