Tuesday, August 9, 2016

I am sick and I have a job offer

First of all, I want to say HAPPY NATIONAL DAY SINGAPORE! Wishing everyone a gleeful celebration of Singapore's 51st birthday. Let's wish Singapore and all of the countrymen a blessed and prosperous year ahead! -Love from neighboring country ♥

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Today's weird

I've got a cold, slept in the morning, and woke up at 7 pm with a very bad headache. Jun brought me dinner cuz he knows I'm sick. He also brought me a healthy lunch ytd. Wow he's actually pretty nice!  But on the other hand, he could be totally ignorant and unaffectionate sometimes. HE'S JUST UNPREDICTABLE!

Here's the story:

He brought dinner, apparently one for me and one for himself.
He gave me the food, wrapped in plastic, and let me prepare the dinner for me and for him as well.
He sat down, doing nothing but watching me having a hard time opening the annoying plastic wrap and the rubber band which refused to got off.
I prepared the utensils, put rice on his plate, and also mine.
I opened up his bag of tempeh.
He ate, I ate.
When we finished, he left all the used plate to me.

Pain throbbing in my head as I imagine I have to wash all the used plates myself. 

Let's say that he's sick and I bring him food. IF IT WERE ME, I WON'T allow him to maybe even get up from the bed. I mean I will PREPARE all the food so he would just eat leisury, just let me handle the rest (buying, preparing, cleaning). Treat sick people like sick people, I won't allow a sick friend to do even the teeniest stuff. 

But hey, I'm NOT complaining ok? We're just DIFFERENT and I'm grateful enough that he brought me a food and mind you, I PAY. I don't feel like it's ok to let someone keep bringing me food. Jun initially refused though but he took it anyway cuz I insist.

Jun is my friend and  I don't like the idea of having him back as boyfriend so don't get me wrong.

Later at midnight, fatty the alarm boy, which just came back from Dios (cybercafe) sudddenly offered me his untouched dinner (curry katsu with rice). Whut? Why's everyone so nice to me lately? Mwahaha I hope they could stay nice like this forever! HAHA!



e-commerce graphic designer in the capital. :(  Idk if I should be happy or not. It's IN THE CAPITAL! That intolerably HOT Jakarta.

*shudder in fear*

Should I take it? Should I not? Earlier this month I was staying in the capital for one month, my dermatitis got worse and we (the D*** company and me) agree on both sides that we must revoke our work contract. So here I am in my beloved city with its cool breeze, Bandung again. And I don't think I'd want to leave Bandung ever again :( I still remember how happy I was when I stepped on Bandung's ground for the first time after being away for a month. I LOVE MY CITY! BUT I I'M IN A DIRE NEED OF A JOB!!!

What should I do?? *BAWLS*

Well you know I've been working as a freelance graphic designer and also a florist. Freelancing, that means I'm not totally unemployed yeah? But let me say this, I'm not earning enough money! So obviously I need to get a fulltime job first.

Uhhh, finding a job is not the core problem, I mean maybe if I try I could get a full time job in Bandung. Oh of course I will I'm well experienced! But first, the salary won't be as nice here. Second, the core problem, I'm VERY prone to dermatitis and this hideous rash just won't get off my skin for the longest time! Imagine meeting peoples complete with my gruesome rash on my face. *shudder again in horror*


It's been nearly 2 years now, me and my facial dermatitis.  I went to a dermatolog and he gave a balm, which, not totally curing the alergy but it would calm down my angry-red-and irritated skin, keeping the rash in somewhat dormant mode (but still hideous!)

Please just wish me a speedy recovery ok? Thanks!

p.s: I just set up my online portfolio few days ago, have a look (not complete yet) 


  1. Dilema yg sama dengan yg gua hadapi. I fvckin' hate Jakarta. It's HOT, it's CROWDED, and it's POLLUTED. Makanya kemaren ini gua lebih milih kerja di Maluku daripada di Jakarta, tapi in the end, Maluku batal. Gua galau...eh tapi hari ini mendadak dapet job offer dari China, so yeah...fortune smiles not only to the brave one, or the lucky one, but also the patient one =)

    1. hahaa iya kep gw sempet kerja disana gatahan bangetttt. maklum, kebiasa ama udara bandung yang super enak haha. good luck buat kerjaan baru u Kep!!

  2. Semoga lu juga cepet dapet kerja ya Kai