Monday, August 8, 2016

DOTA The International 2016 finally began!

Guys guys guys guys, omg I'm too excited! I guess you're all anticipating this annual elite tournament. I mean, cmon, who aren't? All the rundowns are totally exhilirating! Too bad I forgot to set up my bandicam so I won't have a full recorded version of TI6 from - though, I'm planning on recording the upcoming match and upload it to youtube for you to watch, and of course it would be a HD version of the video :) let's see.

So yeah, while writing this, OG is on their 3rd match againts MVP. You watch their first match? MVP.QO's PA was just too amazing. One crit of PA's dagger halfed out notail's jug HP. I laughed at that so hard. That crit dagger though. PA got abyssal, desso, phase boots, BKB, no domi.
OG managed to steal the win on second game. Miracle's OD is the MVP, let's not talk about Amer he's way too good we all know that.

*watching third game*

Oh God, MVP.QO is rampaging again with PA, OG: MVP 3:16 kill now ticking in to 16 minutes already. Oh God  I do want MVP to win but if OG lose, they'll drop to lower bracket. And it means my lower bracket prediction would be all messed up. I want liquid to rekt everyone and jump easily to grand final like what they did in Manila Major. Damn! 3:17 already lah, Miracle's tinker get rekt big time. OG WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU CMON!!! don't drop to lower bracket pls! LOL, I do want MVP to win, that means OG will lose, but I don't OG to drop down to lower bracket, confusing no? lol

Dear lord please let OG win (I don't want them to jeopardize lower bracket)
4:26 now *cries*
Don't get me wrong, I ain't OG fangay, though I do like Miracle- but I just want liquid to get to the top easily ok?

By the way, here's the picture of the grand opening of The International 2016!
There're SO MANY COOL THINGS IN TI6, check this out!

 0:00! Commence the tournament!

 The aegis of immortal awatis, who'll get it? #TLWIN

 yes yes, my all time favorite team, Liquid ♥

 Lindsey Stirling and her amazing violin performance

 Check out that pose! she looks amazing :)


 Muahahahaha, who wants to bear the unborn child of Miracle-? Siractionslacks kissed the paper!

wow wow wow, now this is super cool, you see that augmented reality drafting? how cool is that? I'm dying to be in Seattle now!

 I WANT THIS IN MY ROOM! (I know I can't cuz my room is microsized!)

They're talking about Team Liquid, haha. I know right, it feels like TL was just having some fun and trying out heroes synergy during group stage. I mean, they dropped down to lower bracket to at Manila Major and made an easy way to grand final. Now with OG in the lower bracket, things would be quite interesting, like EG gonna meet OG/TL later on. Cuz I don't think DC can beat the SERIOUS TL that easily.

Shit! OG is dropping down to lower bracket. GG MVP, totally unpredictable tho -.-
Now my lower bracket prediction would get all messed up, omg I can't believe they lose to MVP, check this out:

 Your favorite Miracle- (tinker) 3 8 1

 Dropped down to lower bracket lah, how annoying. I ONLY want OG meets TL at grand final!

 OG guys, how could yooou?

Oh btw, here's another COOL THINGS in TI6, this super hi-tech machine, as Kevin called it. He doesn't allow anyone to touch it lol, Charlie said he WILL touch it later. Hahaha
This touch screen monitor is pretty cool you know, you can easily drag and drop the replays, highlighting important scenes, stopped it, play it, and if you touch the screen it will give various respond, like you can make dotted line, you can ping!, make circular orb thingy etc etc. so damn cool!

He's circling PA inventory and skills during OG vs MVP final game's review. PA is the MVP (again on their final game)


don't you think MVP. Febby is kinda cute? lol

Yes yes, officially cute!

I think I like him now! hahaha

No, no... I still like Matumba better, skill wise. Face wise? hmm I think pajkatt is cute too, he looks a bit like invoker. Or... let's say that invoker looks a bit like pajkatt? Pajkatt got invoker's kind of.. aura, feels. Blonde hair with standoffish type of face. Hahaha. Who's your favorite player? I like Dendi, Matumba, RTZ the most for now, and oh FEBBY, hehehe. Seeing no Miracle- on my list? err...ok I kind of like him, but he's too mainstream! like everyone's into him already. But he plays really good I want to bite his fingers off.
I think that's it, DC is having a match with WINGS now. Let's wish a good luck to both teams!

Leaving you with this cool hall of the heroes at TI6 

TNC won, eliminating Vici Gaming Reborn from lower bracket, and they will face OG next. My predict: OG's gonna be the winner.
Wings won, DC dropped down to lower bracket.
Secret is on their first match againts LGD, and seems like having a hard time.


Wah Secret lose the game and now out from TI6!
Liquid eliminated NAVI from lower bracket,  well it's hard for me cuz I REALLY like Dendi. But I seriously want Liquid to be TI6's winner too. Been rooting on Liquid ever since Manila Major.

Eliminated team: ESC, NAVI :(
It's too bad but I believe they had tried their best, just like what SingSing said,

"I tried my best team but my best just wasn't good enough."


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