Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Dota 2 The International 2016 Wild Card

Wooot, I spent all day sits around on the computer with no social at all only to watch Dota 2 The International 2016 - Wild Card on twitch. Manila Major gave me the exact anti-social effect too, lol. I just sat around all day lurking on twitch (or either spectating the game live via Dota2)

Now, while I'm writing this, EHOME already secured 1st place on Wild Card and would advance to the main event! ESC is battling againts XCTN on the last final session to seize 2nd place. They're on their second game banning-picking phase now, let's see who's gonna win! though, I want ESC to win!

Here's the format for TI6 2016 Wild card
Four teams in a double-elimination bracket.
All matches are played in a best of three.
Top two teams advance to the Group Stage.
Bottom two teams are eliminated.

Check out that cute Dota 2 chibi figurine on the desk. I wish I could steal all of them >=D

Here's the bracket as per now.
ESC-XCTN : 1-0, second game is ongoing at the moment I write this entry.

ESC was quick to ban abed's meepo, lol, they seem afraid to Abed's 1204 XPM meepo HAHA

Check out Abed's meepo here:

Btw, I prefer to watch the entire game via Twitch. I love teaser you know? there's a lot of backstage events, interviews, mini games, and all of them are mostly funny, the kind that will crack me up, especially this one.

Arteezy got 3 small papers each with a caricature of himself on it. The first one is pretty normal, the serious RTZ, second one is...

RTZ:  "a clown?"
*everyone laughed*
RTZ: "and what's this people around the clown?"
*everyone laughed again* "it's everyone around you who sees you as a clown!"

Arteezy flipped out the other card, it has a doodle of a baby face, which reminds me to Zwitsal's logo

Zwitsal logo: omg I didn't now I'm a babyrage!

OH MY GAWD, I NEARLY LAUGHED MY PLACENTA OUT! Just look at that doodle, wtf I find it very funny. RTZ the babyrage. Someone who drew it must be extraordinary talented, he is able to  vizualise the spawn of zwitsal's logo x rugrats. And yes that's arteezy the babyrage bhahahahhahahaa.

Anyway, COL got kicked quite early.

I feel sad for them, I mean, look at this:

Awww those sad icky froggie eyes *now I'm gonna cry*
But hell yea right there's still TI 7, worry not! :D

Back to ESC VS XCTN on their second game:
gooosh, I guess it's gonna end fast.
15: 25 ESC took XCTN tier 3 tower, and 1 minute later, they took another tier 3 tower. whaw! it's gonna end pretty soon. Unlike their previous game, ESC is quite aggressive in this game. Haha, they just really can't wait to advance to the main event right?

Ok the game is finished! 18 minutes with ESC securing the second place! Congrats ESC and EHOME ♥ I must thank them for all the impressive games today!
If you are not on twitch, go watch live tomorrow, you won't regret it!

And yeah finally, I think I'd finally start my own game now!  My favorite fried chicken (Rocka Rooster) will open at 09.30 so I have one hour and a half to kill, omg why don't they just opened up earlier?!! I'm hungry as shit! This rocka rooster fried chicken is like the BEST fried chicken in the world, it's EVEN BETTER THAN KFC I'm not exaggerating, it's REALLY GOOD you need to try it if you're near unpar area. Guess I'll make a separate post about rocka rooster later, just to make you ogle on the photos and droll over it, Mwahahaha, I'm evil!


  1. i use to play DOTA before. but my friends will get angry with me everytime i play. huhuhuh

    1. wahaha why ur friend would get angry? scold back at them lah hahahaha

    2. just bcoz i died 10 times. hahahah... and didnt kill any hero

    3. oh my hahahaa but ya that happens sumtimes!