Saturday, August 13, 2016

Discourteous haggling, or FREE stuff? because we're friends! :)

My bank account balance nearly gave me a heart attack! Like there's only $5.00!!! or less! HOW PRECARIOUS IS THAT? OH MY GOD I'M TOTALLY BROKE I NEED TO DO SOMETHING!

Fortunately (or maybe not) enough someone just bought a bouquet of flower, AT A VERY CHEAP PRICE, that's a friend for you! *Friend is the one who would usually ask everything you sell at a RIDICULOUSLY CHEAPER PRICE*  I gave her 80% cut off price in the end. Poor me!

I offered a normal $ 15.00 for a small bouquet. Look, it's cheap already! Getting a small bouquet of import flower at frickin $ 15.00 is already a bunch of luck I told you.

But still, she went like, "I wanted something at $5.00"
HOLYMONGER. $5.00 even the supplier won't sell a damn import roses at $5.00

I told her $ 5.00 is impossible. *unless if she plants the roses herself.

"I want a flower like this" She showed me a BIG elaborate bouquet I made for a friend months ago.
"err... my friend paid $35.00 for that bouquet, you can have a small minimalist bouquet at $15.00.."
"Ok then I want that small bouquet but be sure TO ADD MORE FLOWERS and make it a BIG BOUQUET ok"


But because I'm so kind like this LOL, I said " OK lah I'll give you $10.00 WITH MORE FLOWERS" and she oked....  Fine fine fine at least I'll get extra $10! I'm super broke so I don't have any choice.


Client (read: friend) nowadays!!! don't they know that I almost get nothing from that $10.00?

I really mean it guys, being a good friend you are, HAGGLING FOR THE BEST BARGAIN IS ALLOWED, but please please don't abuse your friendship title and goes like "oh cmon we're friend so give me a 50%++ discount lah!"

That's totally discourteous, disrespectful, and ill-mannered!

I'm not saying that friendship-cut off price isn't allowed, you may, but please please do it with BRAIN AND HEART - if you have any-

When I first told potsy (and Kevin) that I wanted to rent a room on his boarding house, I did negotiate the price, but our deal was totally logical and reasonable! I got $20.00 discount/month now (I pay $115). And cmon that's not a pure discount, almost feel like I'm paying a normal price because I must do my own laundry and I don't get cleaning service! FAIR no? That $20.00 is being cut off from laundry and cleaning service. And, trying to be a courteous well-behaved  friend I am, I can't really "complain" about how I dislike my new room (mould and bug and stuff). I did tell them about the mould and bug though, but all they did was asking "are they gone? (the bug)" hell yeah, hauling my ass out of here would be the only way -which suits me- to save myself. I wrote how I LOATHE my new room on previous entry.

Behold, you haven't seen the WORST!

It's the type that will go around and say, "FREE PRICE PLEASE? BECAUSE WE'RE FRIENDS!"

Friend your ass
I don't think anyone would want to be friend with a close-fisted person like that.

I had a shitty argument with Jun cuz he refused to pay me for my design (he asked me to make a logo for his new cybercafe). Fine, I told him to yank out the logo off his cybercafe facade, he did it 4 months later. What a jerk, I'm still fuming everytime I remember that traumatic moment! $50.00 for a nice logo is a VERY REASONABLE price! For a logo at that, you go check how much a designer would cost you for a frickin' logo.

He also told me that, "If I have to pay I won't use your design, I can ask my big bro to make it for me freely."

Then why the hell he personally asked me for a design?! I don't go around giving buay paiseh people FREE DESIGN. I've had enough of it! Friends, family! I'm totally baffled to why someone could be as stingy as that!

Here's the $10.00 import flower, the magnificent OSIRIA ROSES! Beautiful isn't it?

osiria roses bouquet

osiria roses bouquet
To see more of my work check @auswiel at instagram

Meanwhile, I talked to my pop that I want to start a clean slate business, real one, not online stuff. He agreed joyfully and seemed to be really supportive. Jun asked me to start a business with him (dine in cafetaria and laundry service), but I'm not sure that I'd want to do it with him. *shudder*!

I'm in a dire need of money because my online business isn't running well lately. I need to start off a new business soon!!! And it means I need to find a place, make a business plan, think about accepting Jun's offer, or is it better to start solo? I still don't know, I really have a lot in my mind right now and I'm really stressed out! Jeezuz!

WISH ME LUCK! And always remember to be a good, corteous friend!


  1. good luck

  2. Very nice! I like this post so much.

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  3. Well, this really made me laugh out loud. I know that feeling, sist :((

    Sometimes your friends just getting on your nerves. That's bollocks.

    Anyway, good luck for your plans. You're gonna need it. Cheers :)

  4. thanks! My bank account balance is getting just-a-TAD-bit better, now. at least, lol!

  5. Dat friend like that.... is just eeewh. Well, I wish you tons of luck on your way to run the next business! Cheers! ^_^