Friday, August 26, 2016

Miracle-, Cr1t, Moon part ways with OG, DC welcomed Moon

Moonmeander has been removed from OG. Meanwhile, Miracle- and Cr1t chose to part ways with OG on their own accord. 


Seriously OG? After you defeat my beloved Liquid at Manila Major?
I kind of wanted to say, "why don't you do it sooner?" (so Liquid can take first place on Manila Major), no offense though! because I don't, and would never say it!


I'm not a die hard fan of OG, in fact, at first, I got so vexed by OG because they defeated Liquid on Manila Major grand final. But it was an awesome, fair 'n square match so I couldn't really complain about anything and just accept the result with dignity. Both teams were doing their best and I appreciate that. *though I bawled like there's no tomorrow that time because I'M DYING TO SEE LIQUID WIN!*

From there on, I have this love-and-hate relationship with OG, like I had with NAVI (remembers how NAVI won  the very first TI ever?) I'm a huge fan of MYM back then! I watched their very last Dota 1 tournament (MYM vs NAVI) which reminds me a lot to EG vs Alliance epic come back in TI6. Yes MYM won and I truly cried my soul out when they defeat NAVI that time. That love and hate relationship, chiseled me out to be a fan of NAVI (read: Dendi *sorry Dendi!) later on, particularly because I love how humble and loyal Dendi is!

And I know I was going to be one of OG's fan  anytime soon!

Then this happened...
Just like moonmeander said,

"I really hope it is a joke"

sadly it is not...

I knew it was true upon seeing this post on OG's facebook page.

TI Shuffle Season: Change is Never Easy
It’s been an amazing year for OG.
After a little Monkey Business, we came together, trusted in each other and fought hard.
The Frankfurt Major win wouldn’t have happened without the incredible support we got from the community, our insanely passionate fans and the all-or-nothing attitude from every single player on the team.
With the Shanghai loss, we were disheartened. We re-grouped and promised to work harder, train harder and prove it at every event we attended.
Vials of Blood, sweat and tears later, we were ready for Manila. Winning our second Major event proved that our decision to stick together and believe in each other through the lows was the right thing to do.
Days later, we were on stage with the ESL One Trophy in Frankfurt and shortly after, ended second to Wings at The Summit.
Today we recollect ourselves in the aftermath of what we all had come together to fight for: The International. For us, OG is more than just MMR and prize-money. It’s getting to take the game we love to new heights and share it with family.
We let ourselves down but we’re not giving up.
Change is never easy but it’s here. We will fight our way back to the number 1 spot but today we announce the departure of three of OG’s year-long members: MoonMeander, Miracle- and Cr1t-.
We’ve made the difficult decision that Moon will no longer be an active player on the OG roster but wish him nothing but success wherever he decides to go. Cr1t- and Miracle- have chosen to find their new homes elsewhere in the DOTA2 arena.
The former OGs had the following to say:
“I’d like to thank OG for everything it has done for me. I wish them good luck in their future endeavours” ― Moon
“I would like to thank OG for everything. I had a really great time and thanks to Red Bull for the support they've been amazing. We had a really good times and great memories together. I would like to thank Johan and Tal, they both taught me alot. I still love everyone on OG, they are like a family to me and I wish them the very best.” — Miracle-
“I am very appreciative for the past season that I shared with the 4 players on OG. We accomplished something few would have expected and it was the dream start to my career. I will forever cherish this last year and it’s with mixed feelings that I move on and continue to develop my career that all begun with OG. I hope that the fans that followed us and cheered for us will keep following me on my new endeavours. Shoutout to all my former teammates as well as Evany our manager and coach Seb.” ― Cr1t-
In the early days of OG, no one believed that the five guys in green would be able to claim a stake as one of the most achieved DOTA2 teams in the world. Two Major trophies later and now with changes to our group, we don’t intend to stop.
To Moon, Miracle- and Cr1t-: we will miss you. A family might have its ups and downs but it doesn’t just go away. We built a legacy together and all you will all be a part of that.Thank you.
We’ll soon announce the exciting new faces to OG… and some other surprises. We need our incredibly supportive fans (you!) to know that we aren’t going anywhere. The journey to fill the OG trophy cabinet starts again. There has always been just one dream.


a few days ago, Moon uploaded a sad sad SAD video titled "OG Dota 2 Documentary - The First of it's Kind " Go prepare a kleenex and cry your heart out.

And I can feel that my sadness is slowly turning into ANGER! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!



Someone tagged me on twitter. Moon said:
 'I'm little bit stressed', dota, it's all business. Not gonna let myself fall into that TRAP again, FRIENDSHIP THINGS IS ALL BULLSHIT. I was wrong the entire time, I was lying to myself about friendship thing. In the end of the days, money talks.

I HATE changes and would never like it. I still think of Miracle-, particularly, as part of OG. The same goes for the rest... Cr1t left first, Moon then got kicked from OG because of 'clashing personality' (not because a lack of skill). Miracle- left because he doesn't 'feel the same anymore', according to Moon. Though, Miracle- plays for glory, not for money. But not everyone is the same.

Anyway, I've been wondering what OG stands for....

OG stands for: Orangutan Gangsta, Oh Great, Overpowered Gorillas. People said: Original Gangsta. I said: Old Geezer, lol! Siractionslacks said: Overrated Gamers? N0tail answered: OLYMPIC GAYS.

MWAHAHAHAH!!! Fcking funny.


Anyhow, Moon is warmly welcomed in his new team, Digital Chaos, replacing Moo.
Moo and Moo(n), Jun said DC will be better with Moon because of the extra (n), lol -.-

I'm dying to know where Miracle- and Cr1t would be in!!!
Some peoples want Miracle- to join Team Secret, making a 9k duo in the team, lol. What do you think?

Speaking about 9k MMR, let's digress a little, our drunk boi Liquid.Matumbaman nearly hit 9k MMR too, check this out... if he wins 3 more games in a row, he'll be the third to reach freaking 9K MMR.


I had this one wish that someday Liquid would really be able to defeat OG. Like Lasse said,

"everytime losing to them(OG), next time we gonna beat them"

I feel disappointed now that the old OG is no longer here, but let's hope the best to all of them! #dreamgreen is still very much alive. And Liquid, I'll be making something 'nice' for you guys! I will post it publicy as soon as our Matumbaman hit 9k MMR, fingercrossed!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Photolog: Potion's Path & Primrose Lolita Tea Party

This would be my first photolog entry ever on this blog!
Kevin told me that he was invited to be a butler in a tea party held by Primrose Store x Potion's Path cafe & eatery and asked me to come, and so I did! I thought, it's gonna be kind of fun since I too have been wanting to attend a tea party event. I love love LOVE TEA! For god's sake I can't imagine a life without daily cups of tea, HOW?! I really want to digress now and just talk about tea! lol! But let's keep things on its track.

I love flowers! And I love their table settings too! all so flowery and got this fairy-tinge on it.

 Woody decor with antique feels, love it!

A picture of Pet (chef) made by a fan.

They also got some cute guys sitting around:

 a yellow sitting pensively at the top of vending machine

 a perky pink octopus, he looks happy! 

Spicy chicken rice with veggies, yum!!! 

 Random shoot of wilting rose

I WOULD NEVER GET ENOUGH OF THIS PANDAN TEA SERIOUSLY! I LOOOOVE IT! Very refreshing,  I ordered like 5 glasses of this tea and I still crave for it! Can you believe it!? Downside? I had to pee for freaking 4 times when I went to PVJ soon after. Damn!

 And the famous Potion's Path iconic drink:

Inspired by fairy tale-RPG, this potion will restore your hit points and mana by 9999, lol! a real life healing potion and healing salve, would you like to try? It's sweet and refreshing!

 Pet and Rei Fen
Pet is da chef, and Rei Fen? He's a freaking funny guy! I had a good laugh with him at KFC while talking about 'boy's love' material LOL and we got along pretty well. He's a damn good hairstylist too, look at his hair? pretty cool, huh? I'll make him style my boring hair anytime soon!

 Rei, me, and Kevin da butler.  What? flip flops? boy shirt? I love them!

Pretty-and-cute lolita girls

Tiffany Miyuki (maid), Rei, Kevin, and a girl that I've yet to know! Whoever she is, she's wearing a gorgeous gothic lolita dress! I should've taken a heap more photos of the lolita girls but I came sooooo late! I also lost few photos of the other lolitas (blame iphone stupid battery!), so yeah :( these are all I have.

Speaking about lolita, I'm a BIG FAN of lolita stuff (gothic style to be specific), but I'm not a spender so I only have like, two original japanese branded lolita dress. the first I've ever owned is a gothic lolita dress from MAXICIMAM, I seriously love it! Second is Wonder Story JSK from Angelic Pretty. I haven't had a chance to wear them oh my god!!!

cute isn't it? Of course it is! hahaha
Lolita style and tea party event are mutually inclusive! Like, when some party throw a tea party even, you'd be assured to see lots of kawaii girls in their endearing lolita dress. Very-pretty-style! I love it!


Damn cute pink ANGELIC PRETTY JSK set! Damn damn damn, if only I have my AP jsk here I'd be joining the event as one of the lolita! *CRY* I want this dress!!! I know I can't totally pacify my crazyness over cute-pink-frilly stuff!

That's it for the photolog today, I'm starving so much I need to eat now! *squirms away to kitchen reheating my homemade doenjang jigae* bye folks! I leave you with a selca of mine drinking the soul quenching pandan tea!

Friday, August 19, 2016

I got Willy's XL number back!!!

OH MY GOD!!!  You know what? I nearly lost my precious XL number!!! Holysmokes this number is really IMPORTANT to me and it has its own place in my heart because it belonged to Willy. Initially his mom gave Willy's white Blackberry to his older brother but idk why, his brother passed it to me the next day.

I WAS SUCH A FOOL! I did know that it's going to be expired at 18 August, but I was just being LAZY not to refill the voucher. Dumb dumb dumb girl! I'll hang myself on christmas tree! The next day (19 Aug), as per usual, I charge Willy's BB every morning, I turned it on, and soon got a small heart attack upon seeing this:

SIM CARD  not provisioned 2

No XL logo or whatsoever...

*trembled in terror*
How can this happenned?! My heart went 'pow pow pow' as I nervously googled for SIM CARD NOT PROVISIONED 2. Well I DID know that the sim card was expired, but I was hoping that I could find a glimmer of hope on google ok? like maybe I can cheat-activate the sim card again.

Then I decided to call XL customer service on 817 (I seriously ABHOR their CS!)
After some annoying promotion songs, a girl operator picked the line and welcomed me with a boring "good afternoon, how can I help you?"
"My important sim card is expired!" I bawled
She told me to WAIT FOR A SEC, as she's going to pass me to personalia staff.

Fine, I thought
*annoying XL promotion music plays on background*

I waited
and waited
10 mins *annoying music plays*
I wanted to close the call down but I told myself, be patiencelah someone will pick up the line since I'm queueing for so long already.
20 mins, no one pick up my line! And THE ANNOYING MUSIC WAS STILL THERE.
HOW DARE THAT OP GIRL MADE ME LISTENING TO THIS ANNOYING MUSIC FOR FREAKING 20 MINS.  I felt agitated already even before I made the call and now I am furious!!!

I touch the red 'end call' button VICIOUSLY and hastily made another call to 817, DAMN!

This time, a male OP named Arif picked my line
"Hello how can I...."
he wilted and whimpered, "I'll pass you to XL personalia..."
It's been kind of busy here so I don't know but I'll make sure the staff will pick up the line
I calmed down and asked him "Can I get this fixed without going to XL centre?"
With this question, I expect a definite YES or NO answer.
"Miss expired sim card can be reactivated under fulfilled requirements."
I didn't feel like I get my answer, so I asked again, "Can my sim card get fixed/activated without going to XL centre??"
"Yes it can be reactivated if you fulfill the requirements."
AIYOH THIS GUY! He dumb or what?
"your sim card can be reactivated and I will pass you to our personalia staff promptly."


*annoying XL music plays on background* - Jeezuz I'm so gonna kill whoever made this song!
No, I'll put him/her into an isolated room and make them hear their own disturbing song for days!


This time, it took less than 5 mins for the staff to answer my line. And after awhile, she told me to GO TO XL CENTRE. Like she said, "The only way to reactivate expired sim card is to go to XL centre."
She told me go get a copy of Willy's citizen ID card.
I shuddered
"What!?? I don't have Willy's ID card! but I do have his driving licenses, two of it, and his uni ID, etc, but not his citizen ID card!"

DAMN YOU XL, YOU WASTED 35 mins of my life just to tell me TO GO TO XL CENTRE!
MADE ME LISTENING TO ANNOYING MUSIC OF YOURS, eh? If anyone from XL read this you guys seriously need to change that freaking annoying music, you got me?! I was almost convinced myself to just threw away both of Willy's and my xl and get TSEL.

I BAWLED to hanny and jun and told them that I'm not sure if I can get the number back since I don't have Willy's id card. hais....  I told him that I will cry and bawl and wail and weep til they reactivate the card for me out of pity, and if they insist not to activate the card, I'll jump off their building and just die.
I imagined a huge tagline of newspaper and e-media.


I laughed at that
The world will laugh at my stupidity

Lol just kidding. I don't wanna die yet, I can't eat tasty food if I die, I also can't play dota. If I were a ghost I'll curse anyone who plays dota, or maybe I'll possess pro-player like rtz, miracle-, and plays for them at tournament (sure lost) HAHAHAHA.


Anyhow, I went to XL centre the next day and after a long wait (super long queue there!) I FINALLY GET THE NUMBER BACK! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Here's what I gave them:
- power of attorney letter, stamped and signed by Willy (by me)
- Copy of Willy's driving license, bank card, and uni id card

I did want to tell them that Willy is no longer here, and that I use his number now, but Hanny told me not to because they possibly won't reactivate the number knowing that the real owner is 'resting' :( * still miss you, my honeypout!

But I am so GLAD that I get the number back! I'll make sure it won't get provisioned ever again this time! And because I was so glad I bought myself a new gaming headset, 7.1 Sades wolfang, yes a budget one cuz I'm so poor! But, to my surprise (because I read so many bad reviews of it on internet) it works fine, at least for now. I'm afraid I'll break the cord or something, or that the mic will stop working after a weeks/months. Damn! It always happens to me! What I really like is the voice changer set-up! I SOUND LKE A YOUNG HANDSOME-CUTE BOY now! HAHAHA!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Discourteous haggling, or FREE stuff? because we're friends! :)

My bank account balance nearly gave me a heart attack! Like there's only $5.00!!! or less! HOW PRECARIOUS IS THAT? OH MY GOD I'M TOTALLY BROKE I NEED TO DO SOMETHING!

Fortunately (or maybe not) enough someone just bought a bouquet of flower, AT A VERY CHEAP PRICE, that's a friend for you! *Friend is the one who would usually ask everything you sell at a RIDICULOUSLY CHEAPER PRICE*  I gave her 80% cut off price in the end. Poor me!

I offered a normal $ 15.00 for a small bouquet. Look, it's cheap already! Getting a small bouquet of import flower at frickin $ 15.00 is already a bunch of luck I told you.

But still, she went like, "I wanted something at $5.00"
HOLYMONGER. $5.00 even the supplier won't sell a damn import roses at $5.00

I told her $ 5.00 is impossible. *unless if she plants the roses herself.

"I want a flower like this" She showed me a BIG elaborate bouquet I made for a friend months ago.
"err... my friend paid $35.00 for that bouquet, you can have a small minimalist bouquet at $15.00.."
"Ok then I want that small bouquet but be sure TO ADD MORE FLOWERS and make it a BIG BOUQUET ok"


But because I'm so kind like this LOL, I said " OK lah I'll give you $10.00 WITH MORE FLOWERS" and she oked....  Fine fine fine at least I'll get extra $10! I'm super broke so I don't have any choice.


Client (read: friend) nowadays!!! don't they know that I almost get nothing from that $10.00?

I really mean it guys, being a good friend you are, HAGGLING FOR THE BEST BARGAIN IS ALLOWED, but please please don't abuse your friendship title and goes like "oh cmon we're friend so give me a 50%++ discount lah!"

That's totally discourteous, disrespectful, and ill-mannered!

I'm not saying that friendship-cut off price isn't allowed, you may, but please please do it with BRAIN AND HEART - if you have any-

When I first told potsy (and Kevin) that I wanted to rent a room on his boarding house, I did negotiate the price, but our deal was totally logical and reasonable! I got $20.00 discount/month now (I pay $115). And cmon that's not a pure discount, almost feel like I'm paying a normal price because I must do my own laundry and I don't get cleaning service! FAIR no? That $20.00 is being cut off from laundry and cleaning service. And, trying to be a courteous well-behaved  friend I am, I can't really "complain" about how I dislike my new room (mould and bug and stuff). I did tell them about the mould and bug though, but all they did was asking "are they gone? (the bug)" hell yeah, hauling my ass out of here would be the only way -which suits me- to save myself. I wrote how I LOATHE my new room on previous entry.

Behold, you haven't seen the WORST!

It's the type that will go around and say, "FREE PRICE PLEASE? BECAUSE WE'RE FRIENDS!"

Friend your ass
I don't think anyone would want to be friend with a close-fisted person like that.

I had a shitty argument with Jun cuz he refused to pay me for my design (he asked me to make a logo for his new cybercafe). Fine, I told him to yank out the logo off his cybercafe facade, he did it 4 months later. What a jerk, I'm still fuming everytime I remember that traumatic moment! $50.00 for a nice logo is a VERY REASONABLE price! For a logo at that, you go check how much a designer would cost you for a frickin' logo.

He also told me that, "If I have to pay I won't use your design, I can ask my big bro to make it for me freely."

Then why the hell he personally asked me for a design?! I don't go around giving buay paiseh people FREE DESIGN. I've had enough of it! Friends, family! I'm totally baffled to why someone could be as stingy as that!

Here's the $10.00 import flower, the magnificent OSIRIA ROSES! Beautiful isn't it?

osiria roses bouquet

osiria roses bouquet
To see more of my work check @auswiel at instagram

Meanwhile, I talked to my pop that I want to start a clean slate business, real one, not online stuff. He agreed joyfully and seemed to be really supportive. Jun asked me to start a business with him (dine in cafetaria and laundry service), but I'm not sure that I'd want to do it with him. *shudder*!

I'm in a dire need of money because my online business isn't running well lately. I need to start off a new business soon!!! And it means I need to find a place, make a business plan, think about accepting Jun's offer, or is it better to start solo? I still don't know, I really have a lot in my mind right now and I'm really stressed out! Jeezuz!

WISH ME LUCK! And always remember to be a good, corteous friend!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

I am sick and I have a job offer

First of all, I want to say HAPPY NATIONAL DAY SINGAPORE! Wishing everyone a gleeful celebration of Singapore's 51st birthday. Let's wish Singapore and all of the countrymen a blessed and prosperous year ahead! -Love from neighboring country ♥

cupcake by one third pastries

Today's weird

I've got a cold, slept in the morning, and woke up at 7 pm with a very bad headache. Jun brought me dinner cuz he knows I'm sick. He also brought me a healthy lunch ytd. Wow he's actually pretty nice!  But on the other hand, he could be totally ignorant and unaffectionate sometimes. HE'S JUST UNPREDICTABLE!

Here's the story:

He brought dinner, apparently one for me and one for himself.
He gave me the food, wrapped in plastic, and let me prepare the dinner for me and for him as well.
He sat down, doing nothing but watching me having a hard time opening the annoying plastic wrap and the rubber band which refused to got off.
I prepared the utensils, put rice on his plate, and also mine.
I opened up his bag of tempeh.
He ate, I ate.
When we finished, he left all the used plate to me.

Pain throbbing in my head as I imagine I have to wash all the used plates myself. 

Let's say that he's sick and I bring him food. IF IT WERE ME, I WON'T allow him to maybe even get up from the bed. I mean I will PREPARE all the food so he would just eat leisury, just let me handle the rest (buying, preparing, cleaning). Treat sick people like sick people, I won't allow a sick friend to do even the teeniest stuff. 

But hey, I'm NOT complaining ok? We're just DIFFERENT and I'm grateful enough that he brought me a food and mind you, I PAY. I don't feel like it's ok to let someone keep bringing me food. Jun initially refused though but he took it anyway cuz I insist.

Jun is my friend and  I don't like the idea of having him back as boyfriend so don't get me wrong.

Later at midnight, fatty the alarm boy, which just came back from Dios (cybercafe) sudddenly offered me his untouched dinner (curry katsu with rice). Whut? Why's everyone so nice to me lately? Mwahaha I hope they could stay nice like this forever! HAHA!



e-commerce graphic designer in the capital. :(  Idk if I should be happy or not. It's IN THE CAPITAL! That intolerably HOT Jakarta.

*shudder in fear*

Should I take it? Should I not? Earlier this month I was staying in the capital for one month, my dermatitis got worse and we (the D*** company and me) agree on both sides that we must revoke our work contract. So here I am in my beloved city with its cool breeze, Bandung again. And I don't think I'd want to leave Bandung ever again :( I still remember how happy I was when I stepped on Bandung's ground for the first time after being away for a month. I LOVE MY CITY! BUT I I'M IN A DIRE NEED OF A JOB!!!

What should I do?? *BAWLS*

Well you know I've been working as a freelance graphic designer and also a florist. Freelancing, that means I'm not totally unemployed yeah? But let me say this, I'm not earning enough money! So obviously I need to get a fulltime job first.

Uhhh, finding a job is not the core problem, I mean maybe if I try I could get a full time job in Bandung. Oh of course I will I'm well experienced! But first, the salary won't be as nice here. Second, the core problem, I'm VERY prone to dermatitis and this hideous rash just won't get off my skin for the longest time! Imagine meeting peoples complete with my gruesome rash on my face. *shudder again in horror*


It's been nearly 2 years now, me and my facial dermatitis.  I went to a dermatolog and he gave a balm, which, not totally curing the alergy but it would calm down my angry-red-and irritated skin, keeping the rash in somewhat dormant mode (but still hideous!)

Please just wish me a speedy recovery ok? Thanks!

p.s: I just set up my online portfolio few days ago, have a look (not complete yet) 

Monday, August 8, 2016

DOTA The International 2016 finally began!

Guys guys guys guys, omg I'm too excited! I guess you're all anticipating this annual elite tournament. I mean, cmon, who aren't? All the rundowns are totally exhilirating! Too bad I forgot to set up my bandicam so I won't have a full recorded version of TI6 from - though, I'm planning on recording the upcoming match and upload it to youtube for you to watch, and of course it would be a HD version of the video :) let's see.

So yeah, while writing this, OG is on their 3rd match againts MVP. You watch their first match? MVP.QO's PA was just too amazing. One crit of PA's dagger halfed out notail's jug HP. I laughed at that so hard. That crit dagger though. PA got abyssal, desso, phase boots, BKB, no domi.
OG managed to steal the win on second game. Miracle's OD is the MVP, let's not talk about Amer he's way too good we all know that.

*watching third game*

Oh God, MVP.QO is rampaging again with PA, OG: MVP 3:16 kill now ticking in to 16 minutes already. Oh God  I do want MVP to win but if OG lose, they'll drop to lower bracket. And it means my lower bracket prediction would be all messed up. I want liquid to rekt everyone and jump easily to grand final like what they did in Manila Major. Damn! 3:17 already lah, Miracle's tinker get rekt big time. OG WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU CMON!!! don't drop to lower bracket pls! LOL, I do want MVP to win, that means OG will lose, but I don't OG to drop down to lower bracket, confusing no? lol

Dear lord please let OG win (I don't want them to jeopardize lower bracket)
4:26 now *cries*
Don't get me wrong, I ain't OG fangay, though I do like Miracle- but I just want liquid to get to the top easily ok?

By the way, here's the picture of the grand opening of The International 2016!
There're SO MANY COOL THINGS IN TI6, check this out!

 0:00! Commence the tournament!

 The aegis of immortal awatis, who'll get it? #TLWIN

 yes yes, my all time favorite team, Liquid ♥

 Lindsey Stirling and her amazing violin performance

 Check out that pose! she looks amazing :)


 Muahahahaha, who wants to bear the unborn child of Miracle-? Siractionslacks kissed the paper!

wow wow wow, now this is super cool, you see that augmented reality drafting? how cool is that? I'm dying to be in Seattle now!

 I WANT THIS IN MY ROOM! (I know I can't cuz my room is microsized!)

They're talking about Team Liquid, haha. I know right, it feels like TL was just having some fun and trying out heroes synergy during group stage. I mean, they dropped down to lower bracket to at Manila Major and made an easy way to grand final. Now with OG in the lower bracket, things would be quite interesting, like EG gonna meet OG/TL later on. Cuz I don't think DC can beat the SERIOUS TL that easily.

Shit! OG is dropping down to lower bracket. GG MVP, totally unpredictable tho -.-
Now my lower bracket prediction would get all messed up, omg I can't believe they lose to MVP, check this out:

 Your favorite Miracle- (tinker) 3 8 1

 Dropped down to lower bracket lah, how annoying. I ONLY want OG meets TL at grand final!

 OG guys, how could yooou?

Oh btw, here's another COOL THINGS in TI6, this super hi-tech machine, as Kevin called it. He doesn't allow anyone to touch it lol, Charlie said he WILL touch it later. Hahaha
This touch screen monitor is pretty cool you know, you can easily drag and drop the replays, highlighting important scenes, stopped it, play it, and if you touch the screen it will give various respond, like you can make dotted line, you can ping!, make circular orb thingy etc etc. so damn cool!

He's circling PA inventory and skills during OG vs MVP final game's review. PA is the MVP (again on their final game)


don't you think MVP. Febby is kinda cute? lol

Yes yes, officially cute!

I think I like him now! hahaha

No, no... I still like Matumba better, skill wise. Face wise? hmm I think pajkatt is cute too, he looks a bit like invoker. Or... let's say that invoker looks a bit like pajkatt? Pajkatt got invoker's kind of.. aura, feels. Blonde hair with standoffish type of face. Hahaha. Who's your favorite player? I like Dendi, Matumba, RTZ the most for now, and oh FEBBY, hehehe. Seeing no Miracle- on my list? err...ok I kind of like him, but he's too mainstream! like everyone's into him already. But he plays really good I want to bite his fingers off.
I think that's it, DC is having a match with WINGS now. Let's wish a good luck to both teams!

Leaving you with this cool hall of the heroes at TI6 

TNC won, eliminating Vici Gaming Reborn from lower bracket, and they will face OG next. My predict: OG's gonna be the winner.
Wings won, DC dropped down to lower bracket.
Secret is on their first match againts LGD, and seems like having a hard time.


Wah Secret lose the game and now out from TI6!
Liquid eliminated NAVI from lower bracket,  well it's hard for me cuz I REALLY like Dendi. But I seriously want Liquid to be TI6's winner too. Been rooting on Liquid ever since Manila Major.

Eliminated team: ESC, NAVI :(
It's too bad but I believe they had tried their best, just like what SingSing said,

"I tried my best team but my best just wasn't good enough."