Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Things that have annoyed me lately

I will list several things that annoy me lately

1. Fat maid in the boarding house
She asked me to wash the dishes and kitchen utensils! TWICE ALREADY! And also told me to do this to do that. WTF, how dare she patronize me! Who does she thinks she is??! I'm officially a tenant in this boarding house, I PAY! and as long as I know, CLEANING SERVICE IS OFFERED AND PROVIDED by the owners of this boarding house, which are my friend! And my friends PAY her monthly to do HER HOUSEHOLD CHORES! And that of course includes washing the dishes! SO WHY'S SHE DUMPING HER TASK ON ME, HUH? I'm being nice enough to be doing my own laundry, and cleaning my own room! But that doesn't mean she can dump HER TASK on me.
If she ever tries to freaking ask me again to do her job I'll report it to my friend and give her a good lesson!

2. Fat little brother of the boarding house owner.
which is was my 'friend', but I don't think I'll consider him as a friend again now. He's one of the person who've caused havoc to my life (together with Huang), lol!
I hate him and his annoying daily alarm. Thing is, the alarm would last for HOURS! I mean it! 3-4 HOURS! Imagine how annoying is that for me and other tenants?  And OMG LOOK, THE ALARM STARTS TO RING RIGHT JUST NOW 3.30 AM. PURRRFECT ISN'T IT? THAT FREAKING ALARM AGAIN! EVERY FRICKIN 3.30 AM! DAILY! GOODNESS GRACIOUS. LORD PLEASE SEND ME YOUR ANGEL TO TOTALLY DESTROY HIS PHONE. 
let's see for how many HOURS the alarm would last today! I'm so gonna viciously crush his phone with a hammer or something until it brusts!
** crashing sounds **
*** stupid phone has been successfully obliterated ***

I've told him like 999999 times to turn his fckin alarm off but he won't listen. What a freaky prego pig. 

3. Huang
He dares to liked my facebook status and even wrote two comments on it. Is he nuts or something? acting all good like there's nothing wrong between us. But BLATANTLY IGNORING me in real life. What a hypocrite. 

4. Friends who sent me a picture of nasty bug (start with C you name it)
I hate that C bug. I'll remove everyone who posted it on facebook. end of story.

5. Horrible dreams
I got killed and raised up as a zombie. So know I know how it feels to be one, craving for human's brain, YUM!
Yesterday I died again in my dream, coughing hell lots of blood til I die.

6. This guy who left his belongings at my house (without me even asking! I even told him not to cuz I won't play the console anyway) then later ask me to parcel and send it to his place OMG! I PAID $30.00 for the first parcel and this second one? IT COST ME ALMOST FREAKING $50.00! I took the longest time to send it to him, which apparently made him 'weirdly' annoyed. (hey bruh I'm the one who have the right to get annoyed!). I knew cuz he wrote lame innuendo about me on his facebook status.

p.s: By the time I finished my entry, the alarm is still ongoing, annoying isn't it? 

Enjoy this hateful (but cute) glare!!! Mwahahahha!


  1. What have been annoying me recently is my new boss, haha. I don´t say she´s bad or anything, but sometimes, I just can´t stand her. She keeps telling us to do this and to do that even if we aren´t qualified to do it -.- And then, we r like, what the hell woman?

    1. haha true, bos can be too bossy at times! sometimes I hate my old boss too cuz he gave me so many task to do and I had to work over time without being paid :((