Friday, July 22, 2016

My boarding house was on fire! Literally!

Guysss guysss you know whaaat?!! I luckily stopped a possible fire accident in the boarding house I'm currently in!!  Oh my god you need to see this! I was so freaked out!

Mounted drawer  got burned!!!

dented oil bottle, was placed like 1M-ish away from the gas stove

It was around 3.54am when I suddenly felt so hungry, so I went upstair to quickly sauteing something to eat. But to my horror,  

I was totally shocked! I checked on the gas stove - and holysmokes!!! Someone forgot to turn the fire off, so I quickly turned it off, fearing the GAS was going to explode soon.

The mounted drawer above the stove was already on fire! Gosh~~ luckily the fire hadn't spread much into the wall, etc.  But you can see that the lower part of the drawer had already got burned badly.

Still in horror, I rushed downstair to call my friend who's also one of the owner of this boarding house.
Just like me, he was shocked like hell. I told him to checked on the drawer and splash some water to make sure the fire won't flare up again.

Not long after, the other owner, who's also my friend, Kevin, woke up cuz I was so noisy about the fire.
He checked and realize that he forgot to turn the fire off last night.
So apparently he cooked something for dinner at 8 p.m after working overtime. You imagine, the fire is on the stove from 8pm to 4am, almost burning down everything.

I was still in total horror, thinking about the worst that could possibly happen. I put lots of stuff in a room just right beside the kitchen, and it was a GAS stove... Imagine what if I didn't go upstairs? By the time I came the fire was already burning down the lower part of the drawer,  then what if the gas explode?

Lets imagine
Fire might had spread here and there, burning down everything
My precious stuff would also get burned lahhh! ewwwww....  I might have died, my friend would have died, cuz it was 4 am ppl would normally be sleeping nicely dreaming something nice. My gaming PC would also get burned, Willy's keepsake would also get burned to ash, modem would get burned and there'd be no internet. NOOOO!
Then Mr. Huang's cybercafe would also get burned, lol. No lah eventhough I'm still vexed  I don't want US to get burned.

Aish... it's all thanks to God that I still got the chance to stop the fire.
btw it's 8.23 am already. I DON'T want to sleep yet but I have to! so annoying! Why humans need sleep, huh? it's a waste of time! (say someone who sleep 10 hours/day)


  1. Glad you're alright and no one was hurt! You're very lucky you got out of bed and stopped a fire before it could burn a house down!

    1. yeah, even now I'm still in a whirl of what ifs. But thaks God it's all okay now :) I told my friend to install a heat/smoke detector soon~!