Friday, July 29, 2016

How to deal with internet perverts

We all know that internet is one of the most practical tool for abominable human being, the perverts! They linger on social media, stalking here and there until they find a favored prey. They'll stalk you, they'll message you, and might even go to as far as finding your personal info. But most them, at least from what I've experienced, they're just messin' around, doing pervy stuff merely just for fun, like sending ugly, revolting naked picture of themselves, sometimes on a more specific area, you know, that disgusting - smelly looking- groin area. DUH! I'm so gonna kill useless people like that!

At first, what I usually did is simple, IGNORE.
But that won't work! Theres's this one guy who kept on sending me ugly naked picture of himself in facebook. I ignored him, he sent another ten, I ignored him, he sent another hundreds of hideous hairy thingy photos.  Ewwwwwwwwwww! What a jerk!

Second, I got ANGRY.
I flamed, shoving all the most profane words I know to his ugly face (I'm really good at this, lol being mean is my speciality). The jerk, however, won't stop sending me nasty photos. At some point he even said this

Ugly bastard: Oh baby you look so cute when you're angry!

FCCCCCCCCCCK this shiiit.
I hope his groin explodes or something! Getting angry will get me nowhere leh, I knew, I knew!
so getting angry = fail


I was about to block his account, but hey wait, that'd be too nice, I'm way too vindictive! blocking people? not my style!

Suddenly, I had this nice idea!
WHAT IF I SEND HIM GORE PICTURES? I mean the GORIEST - REAL - disturbing pictures.
Mwahahahaha, nice idea, so I began collecting the most sickening, the goriest, real pictures of dismembered/mangled human body from accidents/murders. It's all red, you see skin, fllesh, intestines...  brains... ? hahaha things like that, I won't go much into excruciating details (I ain't gonna make you vomit) you can check it on google yourself :)
Good thing is that my eyes are pretty much trained for that kind of goriness. I saw real amputation video when I was 8 years old, and been kind of, err... intrigued by it. Well I sorta want to be a doctor, a surgeon (cardiologist) and from that point onwards, I've watched tons of real surgery photos. I asked Willy to watch heart bypass surgery with me while having lunch. He said this: err... can we watch something else? Hahaha... so yeah...

Ok back to this ugly internet molester...
He was still enjoying himself sending me 'you know what' pictures
Up to then, I've collected more than 40 gore pictures from google. HAHAHAHA! let's see

I sent him the first gory picture, then the second, and the third.
Let's see what's his response.

Ugly pervy jerk: Man I love that kind of gory picture
Me: oh so you like it? ok enjoy!

I sent him 20ish more pictures (sounds crazy I know)

Ugly pervy jerk: omg do you want me to feel unwell or what? this pic makes me feel horrible stop it!
Me: I thought you like it?

*sending him another batch of gory photos

Ugly pervy jerk: jeesus please stop it stop please stop! you are sick! pls stop okay! It's my fault ok I get it I get it I'm sorry ok? pls just fucking stop sending those photos you make me sick!
Me: YOU make me sick! asshole!

*sending him another batch of gory photos again

Ugly pervy jerk: holyshit you just won't stop I'm gonna block you!
Me: *laughing triumphantly* HAHAHAHAHA!

So that's my effective guide for how to deal with internet perverts, molesters, etc. Go give it a try!
normally, the sight of gore would make someone feel terrible, horrified, nauseous, and would also cause trauma. And it works just well Mwahahaha that jerk got freaked out big time!

 on a cuter note :)


  1. wah blog nya gunakan bhs inggris keren tapi ngerti nya dikit :D

  2. Hahah, dealing with perverts is really, really difficult sometimes. When I see a suspicious person, I don´t contact him or text him back. But when he´s like really annoying and keeps texting me almost every single time I´m online (for example some chat rooms or apps) Ijust block him, haha. The best solution ever, haha!

    ♡ * Family trip * ♡

    1. yea you are right, blocking their account would be the simplest solution. I'm just acting a bit meanie here hehe

  3. Sayangnya bahasa inggris saya payah, jadi gak memahami isinya, hehehe... btw, blognya unik berbahasa inggris bisa monetasi adsense dunia nantinya...

  4. Pretty good respond to the perverts. LOL I've ran into those a lot over the years.


  5. nice post. follow for follow back ?

    vania clarissa