Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Gender Bender

Am I?
No, obviously,or maybe yea I was, lol. My hair was super short (but that was during my school days!) but hey wait I've changed! I meant my hair is longer now so how could one think that I'm a gender bender? Muahahaha I'm totally baffled and start to think that I'm a transversite of sort.

Sunday 17/07/2016 
Meeting old friends. I wore my favorite cat top, and I realized I didn't have a single pic with that shirt on, also it's been ages since the last time I took a selca (blame my awful dermatitis). So I decided to snap a few awkward shoots... and posted it on facebook.

Then I received a message on facebook from this unknown girl from Philipines. Loren*** Ban****

Girl: Hi can we chat?
Me: suure
Girl: how are you?
Me: quite good, thanks
Girl: Hmm ukie..  Are you married?
Me: No
Girl: I mean, how are you?
Me: (*gosh I think I've just answered that!) Fine thanks
Girl: I mean, how old are you?
Me: xx (*start to get irritated, is this an interview or what, that's why I usually drop message from unknown ppl to archive)
Me: no I'm a boy (*teasing) but jk
Girl: sorry for asking that! just to make clear
Me: I'm a girl
Girl: can you give me your REAL pic?
Me: what the? Do I look unreal to you? what do you mean by REAL pic? 
Girl: err...picture.. I mean
Me: I have bunch of photos on my album you can check it if you want, but I'm afraid my face would look surreal to you, like Dali's painting (LOL)
(an hour later)
Girl: Who's that on this photo?
Me: My fiance
Me: You can deduce!

*grrr seriously after all this time? still thinking I'm a boy, is she blind or what?

Then she banned my facebook account. kua kua kua...
The heck with her?! How can someone be so rude, hah? Maybe she just saw the photo and be like "OMG this transversite is so petan, she's so flat she gotta be a boy! I MUST ASK HER/HIM!"

lollll.... and you know what?

Last year someone just added me up to a TRANSGENDER GROUP on facebook (link won't be included for safety issue). And every freaking members of the group, as predicted, are either gay or a shemale. Holysmokes! DO I LOOK LIKE ONE? I'd frantically looking up to facial surgery if I really were, lol!
My friend bursted out laughing when he found out about it. -.-'' telling me that I MIGHT look like a transgender to them.

I'd just blame my petan-ness, but I'm born with it so what can I do, huh? getting augmentation?

I'ts 3.23 am now, practically time to sleep.
I'd be back soon with another nonsense rambling

Entry Theme Song: Not so far away
drinking: cold Delfi cocoa indulgence 

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