Tuesday, July 19, 2016

First Post

I've had TONS of blog before
but I want to start fresh! So here I am on my new blog
Hope to keep this one long enough!

By the way, I've decided to make this blog as my 'personal' place to rant, an online diary of sorts. Here, I'm gonna rambling about things I want, and that could be anything - my feelings, dreams (I mean literal one), pet peeves, just yeah a n y t h i n g.  That could be a total nonsense, some would be mundane (though I hope not), and some could be interesting enough to read.

So yeah, if you decide to stay, you know you might need to bear with my rant :)  I'm actually a nice person at heart ♥

Just to make it very clear. I can't say it enough that this is my personal space, my virtual diary. And by that - this is where I'd voice my opinion and divulge my honest thought. No one is obliged to read, as of course I'd drag some (or lots of) real name, real people who interacts with me irl. Whatever things that I write about a person, is totally based on my OWN PERSPECTIVE. That's why I said no one is obliged to read because I'm not interested in joining a tedious debate, a muddy flow of gabble and balderdash.
I NEED a medium to voice out  my thoughts and opinion, that's also the reason to why I started a new blog, I don't want to be irrelevant to my niche and being rude to shove my thought in people's face. Because - they follow me for makeup update, and might not be interested in reading a wall of text about my personal life.

I've been trying to keep my thoughts bottled up for years, and I began to feel stressed and muddled. But more than anything, I LOVE articulating my thoughts!


  1. The font size of your blog is very small. Increase its size so folks can easily read it. Remember, it's not criticism

    Just a suggestion :)
    Keep writing good stuff :)

    1. ohh yea right I think it's a bit too small especially if you open it via chrome. I'll make it bigger :) thanks

    2. Feel free to tell if you ever need my help :)
      You are Welcome

    3. I've made it bigger, you can see it clearer now :) hopefully.
      still choosing the font though, I wonder if trebuchet is better than georgia, I like both.

    4. josefin slab is also a great font :)