Friday, July 29, 2016

How to deal with internet perverts

We all know that internet is one of the most practical tool for abominable human being, the perverts! They linger on social media, stalking here and there until they find a favored prey. They'll stalk you, they'll message you, and might even go to as far as finding your personal info. But most them, at least from what I've experienced, they're just messin' around, doing pervy stuff merely just for fun, like sending ugly, revolting naked picture of themselves, sometimes on a more specific area, you know, that disgusting - smelly looking- groin area. DUH! I'm so gonna kill useless people like that!

At first, what I usually did is simple, IGNORE.
But that won't work! Theres's this one guy who kept on sending me ugly naked picture of himself in facebook. I ignored him, he sent another ten, I ignored him, he sent another hundreds of hideous hairy thingy photos.  Ewwwwwwwwwww! What a jerk!

Second, I got ANGRY.
I flamed, shoving all the most profane words I know to his ugly face (I'm really good at this, lol being mean is my speciality). The jerk, however, won't stop sending me nasty photos. At some point he even said this

Ugly bastard: Oh baby you look so cute when you're angry!

FCCCCCCCCCCK this shiiit.
I hope his groin explodes or something! Getting angry will get me nowhere leh, I knew, I knew!
so getting angry = fail


I was about to block his account, but hey wait, that'd be too nice, I'm way too vindictive! blocking people? not my style!

Suddenly, I had this nice idea!
WHAT IF I SEND HIM GORE PICTURES? I mean the GORIEST - REAL - disturbing pictures.
Mwahahahaha, nice idea, so I began collecting the most sickening, the goriest, real pictures of dismembered/mangled human body from accidents/murders. It's all red, you see skin, fllesh, intestines...  brains... ? hahaha things like that, I won't go much into excruciating details (I ain't gonna make you vomit) you can check it on google yourself :)
Good thing is that my eyes are pretty much trained for that kind of goriness. I saw real amputation video when I was 8 years old, and been kind of, err... intrigued by it. Well I sorta want to be a doctor, a surgeon (cardiologist) and from that point onwards, I've watched tons of real surgery photos. I asked Willy to watch heart bypass surgery with me while having lunch. He said this: err... can we watch something else? Hahaha... so yeah...

Ok back to this ugly internet molester...
He was still enjoying himself sending me 'you know what' pictures
Up to then, I've collected more than 40 gore pictures from google. HAHAHAHA! let's see

I sent him the first gory picture, then the second, and the third.
Let's see what's his response.

Ugly pervy jerk: Man I love that kind of gory picture
Me: oh so you like it? ok enjoy!

I sent him 20ish more pictures (sounds crazy I know)

Ugly pervy jerk: omg do you want me to feel unwell or what? this pic makes me feel horrible stop it!
Me: I thought you like it?

*sending him another batch of gory photos

Ugly pervy jerk: jeesus please stop it stop please stop! you are sick! pls stop okay! It's my fault ok I get it I get it I'm sorry ok? pls just fucking stop sending those photos you make me sick!
Me: YOU make me sick! asshole!

*sending him another batch of gory photos again

Ugly pervy jerk: holyshit you just won't stop I'm gonna block you!
Me: *laughing triumphantly* HAHAHAHAHA!

So that's my effective guide for how to deal with internet perverts, molesters, etc. Go give it a try!
normally, the sight of gore would make someone feel terrible, horrified, nauseous, and would also cause trauma. And it works just well Mwahahaha that jerk got freaked out big time!

 on a cuter note :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Things that have annoyed me lately

I will list several things that annoy me lately

1. Fat maid in the boarding house
She asked me to wash the dishes and kitchen utensils! TWICE ALREADY! And also told me to do this to do that. WTF, how dare she patronize me! Who does she thinks she is??! I'm officially a tenant in this boarding house, I PAY! and as long as I know, CLEANING SERVICE IS OFFERED AND PROVIDED by the owners of this boarding house, which are my friend! And my friends PAY her monthly to do HER HOUSEHOLD CHORES! And that of course includes washing the dishes! SO WHY'S SHE DUMPING HER TASK ON ME, HUH? I'm being nice enough to be doing my own laundry, and cleaning my own room! But that doesn't mean she can dump HER TASK on me.
If she ever tries to freaking ask me again to do her job I'll report it to my friend and give her a good lesson!

2. Fat little brother of the boarding house owner.
which is was my 'friend', but I don't think I'll consider him as a friend again now. He's one of the person who've caused havoc to my life (together with Huang), lol!
I hate him and his annoying daily alarm. Thing is, the alarm would last for HOURS! I mean it! 3-4 HOURS! Imagine how annoying is that for me and other tenants?  And OMG LOOK, THE ALARM STARTS TO RING RIGHT JUST NOW 3.30 AM. PURRRFECT ISN'T IT? THAT FREAKING ALARM AGAIN! EVERY FRICKIN 3.30 AM! DAILY! GOODNESS GRACIOUS. LORD PLEASE SEND ME YOUR ANGEL TO TOTALLY DESTROY HIS PHONE. 
let's see for how many HOURS the alarm would last today! I'm so gonna viciously crush his phone with a hammer or something until it brusts!
** crashing sounds **
*** stupid phone has been successfully obliterated ***

I've told him like 999999 times to turn his fckin alarm off but he won't listen. What a freaky prego pig. 

3. Huang
He dares to liked my facebook status and even wrote two comments on it. Is he nuts or something? acting all good like there's nothing wrong between us. But BLATANTLY IGNORING me in real life. What a hypocrite. 

4. Friends who sent me a picture of nasty bug (start with C you name it)
I hate that C bug. I'll remove everyone who posted it on facebook. end of story.

5. Horrible dreams
I got killed and raised up as a zombie. So know I know how it feels to be one, craving for human's brain, YUM!
Yesterday I died again in my dream, coughing hell lots of blood til I die.

6. This guy who left his belongings at my house (without me even asking! I even told him not to cuz I won't play the console anyway) then later ask me to parcel and send it to his place OMG! I PAID $30.00 for the first parcel and this second one? IT COST ME ALMOST FREAKING $50.00! I took the longest time to send it to him, which apparently made him 'weirdly' annoyed. (hey bruh I'm the one who have the right to get annoyed!). I knew cuz he wrote lame innuendo about me on his facebook status.

p.s: By the time I finished my entry, the alarm is still ongoing, annoying isn't it? 

Enjoy this hateful (but cute) glare!!! Mwahahahha!

Saturday, July 23, 2016


Everyday is sunday for me!
Being a lazy bum I am, I play DotA almost everyday. Mwahaha. C'mon, we all need our self-time no?
YES YES I know that I have sooo much self-time already but so whaaat? Haha I play whenever I want to, that's why I dislike being tied down with a work in a boring office. Such kind of boliao life will kill me! Being an entrepreneur is so much better and I'm working on it now.

Anyway, while everyone else is busy dating during weekend - I choose to be a semi-hikikomori and stay in my room and play DotA. When Willy is still here, we used to play the game a lot, sitting side by side and playing game lol. I can't deny myself. I'm an avid gamer, even an acute gamer like Willy told me than I'm faaar more chronic than him. But heck, I finished my uni promptly with a very good score.

So yeah, yesterday I had a really intense game.
Enemy team picked morph, alchemist, and WK as carry. I have PA in my team, but I think - let's just see who's richer! So I picked medusa the lady vashhhj~ to outrich all that 3 carries, we'll see.

as the game goes a long, I realize that....
keep dying, super slow farm, and then he/she didn't buy shoes until at least lvl 17. Goodness gracious!!! He's also super sluggish, and I need to remind him to take his newly bought item in HIS OWN STASH! I meant it sits there for ages already, whyyy~~?

It felt like SS-ing myself infront of a mirror when I checked on his inventory at mid game. I was PETRIFIED! Near complete BF, scrolls, tangos... no shoes.

*this is why I like to play with Willy or Mr. Huang. They're so good I can play at ease... and I can just do this and that half-assedly and still managed to win*

Enemy carry were rich (except alche who had hard time farming hahahha)
PA isn't counted so I thought it's gonna be only me (and sups) vs 3 carries (1 semi carry WR and their sups). Those 3 carries, thinking that they're at upper hand, tried to end the game early. But somehow I managed to out-rich them and make it difficult for them to push. We did  lose several barracks though.
All in all, the situation was very precarious cuz this PA, despite me being so rude to him (LOL), keep asking me what to buy next? what should I make next? is this good is that good?
I told him to buy his freaking SHOES! and BKB next. Can't see enemy team are ALL STUNNER or what?!!

at lvl 17, He only got BF, domi, and ... that 400 gold brown shoes....  OMG KILL ME ALREADY THIS GAME IS GG LIAO.

but, good news is that our little techies finally got his aghanim scepter. Making it harder for the enemy to rush our mid lane. Then, after another series of failed attempt to rush at our barrack... they took roshan twice (I took the aegis once in between tho)- But still failed to take our last mid tower, mwahahaha. late game vashj is SCARY.

anyhow, I realized that I didn't have enough damage to wipe their ass quickly and buying time to push. With PA being so scared with a tail between his legs and stay at the base almost ALL the time. (the reason to why he's so poor). What can I hope? -_- it was only ME who pushed ALL the lane. Jeezuz--!  later on I sold my linken and buy a DR.

so here it goes... the funny moment
Me: PA, if I die pls take my DR quickly!
PA: ermm ok...
Me: your inven is full now! don't forget to quickly drop one and take it ok?!
PA: *dropping his shoes* (he finally got a power treads)
Me: OMG PA I said IF I die! It's not like I'm going to die 100%!!!


I was so muddled, feeling pissed but burst out laughing at the same time! That reply though! "I'M SO SLOW HAND!" Mwahahahahahaha.

Anyhow,  we managed to finally make a come back.
I died once cuz I got too agroo pushing their ancient's tower together with KOTL. we both died. Alche took the DR. They pushed mid lane back... I had to buy back. Techies's SS killed three of them, including Alche.
WK dropped his echo sabre, wanting to take the DR, but nice techies quickly eul him up. I took the DR back and wiped their ass. This time, they got no BB (I made them all buy back when pushing with KOTL, good choice eventually).

So that's how we finally won the game.
And I changed my mind about PA lah, his honest opinion is so funny! HAHAHAHA

MVP: Techies, and ME, of course. mwahahhaa~!

Friday, July 22, 2016

My boarding house was on fire! Literally!

Guysss guysss you know whaaat?!! I luckily stopped a possible fire accident in the boarding house I'm currently in!!  Oh my god you need to see this! I was so freaked out!

Mounted drawer  got burned!!!

dented oil bottle, was placed like 1M-ish away from the gas stove

It was around 3.54am when I suddenly felt so hungry, so I went upstair to quickly sauteing something to eat. But to my horror,  

I was totally shocked! I checked on the gas stove - and holysmokes!!! Someone forgot to turn the fire off, so I quickly turned it off, fearing the GAS was going to explode soon.

The mounted drawer above the stove was already on fire! Gosh~~ luckily the fire hadn't spread much into the wall, etc.  But you can see that the lower part of the drawer had already got burned badly.

Still in horror, I rushed downstair to call my friend who's also one of the owner of this boarding house.
Just like me, he was shocked like hell. I told him to checked on the drawer and splash some water to make sure the fire won't flare up again.

Not long after, the other owner, who's also my friend, Kevin, woke up cuz I was so noisy about the fire.
He checked and realize that he forgot to turn the fire off last night.
So apparently he cooked something for dinner at 8 p.m after working overtime. You imagine, the fire is on the stove from 8pm to 4am, almost burning down everything.

I was still in total horror, thinking about the worst that could possibly happen. I put lots of stuff in a room just right beside the kitchen, and it was a GAS stove... Imagine what if I didn't go upstairs? By the time I came the fire was already burning down the lower part of the drawer,  then what if the gas explode?

Lets imagine
Fire might had spread here and there, burning down everything
My precious stuff would also get burned lahhh! ewwwww....  I might have died, my friend would have died, cuz it was 4 am ppl would normally be sleeping nicely dreaming something nice. My gaming PC would also get burned, Willy's keepsake would also get burned to ash, modem would get burned and there'd be no internet. NOOOO!
Then Mr. Huang's cybercafe would also get burned, lol. No lah eventhough I'm still vexed  I don't want US to get burned.

Aish... it's all thanks to God that I still got the chance to stop the fire.
btw it's 8.23 am already. I DON'T want to sleep yet but I have to! so annoying! Why humans need sleep, huh? it's a waste of time! (say someone who sleep 10 hours/day)

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Should I stop explaining myself?

Ok, it's gonna be another rant-post cuz I'm soooo pissed right now! (ꐦ ಠ皿ಠ )
There's this annoying guy, lets call him Mr. Huang the first, who kept on creating lots of HAVOC in my life. Tbh he is my ex, but mind you- I'm no longer attached to him nor I do have any kind of feeling left for him, no. ZERO. I consider him as a friend, maybe a 'rather' close one at that. But let me repeat that I bear no feeling for him. I care for him but only as a friend, no more.

So yeah, he caused bloody hell LOTS of problem in my life lately. I'll be writing about other details on another post soon.

It's all started three months ago, when I moved to a place near his cyberface. yes, he's running a cybercafe business with his friends. And that's right beside my building. AWESOME, I thought at first, unbeknownst to the horror awaits.

Eventhough I said LOTS of havoc - for now, I want to focus on the last thing that happened just last week.

Here's the scenario:
I woke up in the morning, being happy cuz the weather was nice, and sunny.
later the afternoon, I received a whatsapp message from him, asking me whether I want to play DotA together.
"OH OF COURSE lah! let's play!" I said. Then I asked him if I should play at home or should I come to his cybercafe, though I'm a bit reluctant to go (why should I bother paying extra billing at cybercafe when I have nice gaming PC and super fast connection?)
There, he said that I can use his billing, hmmm OK! I thought I need to go out once in a while to refresh myself too.
So I went to the cybercafe and we play together. The first several games were good, then he picked pudge. I picked support, we play, and soon realize that we have a very stupid QOP and riki who almost never smoke. So during clash I asked him,

"riki didn't smoke yea u see that? he didn't smoke."

I was asking him normally in a casual low pitched voice, but he SNAPPED abruptly at me, like this:

"WTF! WHAT lah! can't u see I'm tanking 4 ppl WHY ARE YOU SO NOISY!!???"

I was shell SHOCKED!

The hell is he snapping me for? I only asked one question!
but heck I don't feel like retaliating so play the game in silent til the end. We won the game anyway, thanks to Huang's 7k-ish mmr skill. but stil, I'm pretty much annoyed (°ㅂ° ╬)

next game after that, he picked lina. And I chose TB (rtz's TB so damn good btw, he climbed up 9k mostly with it). So let's say that he's the only sup-possible hero in the team. I'm not saying that I can't or don't want to sup but heyyy, I was only asking for a ward nicely, a simple "can you buy a ward?" question.

He replied, "Why should me?!!! why don't YOU buy it?"?

"lina is a posibble sup... and I thought I'm gonna carry... "


"....." щ(ºДºщ)

Fine Fine.... I won't be angry over that CHEAP ward thingy, in fact I did buy it.   You sup I carry I'll also ward, happy?

But what's with all the YELLING?

After that game I think I just can't bear his crazyness so I left and play at home.
I WAS NICE ENOUGH NOT TO BAWL BACK. I'm actually the type that will bite back 99999 times harder when someone bite me first.


He sent me a message on whatsapp, saying sorry about him being such a 'bitch', and sorry for all the yell he gave me - despite me doing nothing wrong. I'm still a bit vexed but oklah, at least this guy know how to say sorry so I said "it's ok".

The heck with him, I only asked ONCE (about riki's smoke)
But he insist that I asked him SEVERAL times, which of course I didn't. I'm totally baffled but duh wasn't in a mood for another stupid debate.
Then, out of his politeness, he offered me a free lunch for the next day and let me choose the menu. I said I wanted to try KFC's red spicy. He agreed.
I also TOLD him that I wanted to play DotA again. He said SURE, but also telling me that he's gonna play with his team mates for a practice match.

So the next day...
He asked me to come to his cybercafe early in the morning. he was on his way to bandung. I came to his cybercafe at 9 a.m. and greeted by his sleepy face. "I haven't slept yet" he said. So we ordered the promised KFC and play one good dota game.

Then he told me he really need to sleep

Eventhough I admit that I still wanted to play with him, or anyone lah I wasn't in a mood to play solo that time. I Oked him reluctantly, but I did tell him that I still want to play.

"Ok let's play again when I wake up yeah" <---------------

I was totally forgot about his practice match later that night
And by him saying that, it's NORMAL for me to think that "OH MAYBE THE TRAINING SESSION IS CANCELLED!"
deducing that, I told him that I WILL WAIT in the cybercafe (he sleeps there). That's partly cuz he suggested me to wait as well!!!

you deduce now.
he said that that WE will play again tonight.
don't blame me if I forget about your training session lah, I'm not a god who remember everything.
and by you saying that, of course anyone with sanity will quickly deduce that you cancel that shit.
or that you might still have that shit but will spare some time to play together FOR A LITTLE WHILE.

SO from 13.30 p.m, he slept. I woke him up at 17.30
he said we can play A game. A game?
well we did play ONE GOOD GAME and I thanked him for that.

After that game, he teamed up with his party for a lobby. Practice session.
I was, oh... I forgot you'd be having a practice session tonite. okaay... I'll watch...
a little disappointed yes but I can blame myself for my dull-witted brain for forgetting the practice session. But I was STILL NICE. I didn't blame him or anything no I just watch him nicely.
Everyone knows that this Huang guy is really good so when he plays or train, it's normal to see some ppls swarming behind him, spectating the match.

After he finished his first game, AGAIN, HE TOLD ME TO WAIT
he said he'll finish another game and play with me/any friends in cybercafe

Being a good girl I said OK

So I kept on spectating his match - live - for bloody 3-4 hours!

Time's ticking up to 21.30 a.m.
Jeezuz I've been waiting for TOO LONG already.
I started to get vexed so before I do anything vicious, I told him that I'd better off go, still with the kindest note I could possibly produce that time. Nothing vicious at all, meh.
And so I left.

Now you count
from 13.30 to 21.30


He could've told me AGAIN that he's gonna have a practice session and reminded me again that EVEN IF I WAIT he can only play ONE godamn game. BUT HE DIDN'T. HE TALKED LIKE WE'D ALL BE PLAYING TOGETHER. AND HE TOLD ME TO WAIT ANYWAY AND I WAITED FOR BLOODY 7 HOURS JUST FOR ONE BLOODY GAME.

And I'm hella sure he KNEW THAT I WANTED TO PLAY cuz I told him so!

I know partly it was my fault for deducing things too quickly and forgetting his practice session.
But seriously! Why DID HE TOLD ME TO WAIT?

Later that night, around 12.30 a.m he was spectating my game and whisped me while I'm in game
I picked riki for sup, Huang is still nice (seem to not realizing his error at all), telling me to keep on self-diffu when got muted.

Then he FINALLY asked to play together.

I reply him with a simple "no"
Vexed yeah of course, who wouldn't? gimme back my sad 7 hours of my life!
But more than that, it's already time for me to sleep and I was super sleepy as well.
"no" is a good answer. But I knew he's offended by that. HAHAHA He's the type that will get offended by everything! Kill me if I'm wrong/lying!



We didn't talk after that for a long time. But several days ago, cuz I don't like any awkward-relationship (even if it's only a friend) I left him a message on Dota, saying that I was disappointed and I was also nice enough to say SORRY.

He replied on whatsapp
let me sum up his message, he said that:
HE'S DISAPPOINTED WITH MY ACTION, cuz that time he only wanted to buy me a lunch, also HE BLAME ME FOR NOT GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP, telling me that I SHOULD BE THANKFUL that he decided to play with me (2 games in total) that day.  
He also insist that I was being such a bitch and discorteous that I left him without being SUPER friendly (eventhough I did tell him I'd better off go home)!!!

but ended it up with "LOVE YOU"


щ(ºДºщ)  щ(ಥДಥщ)

F*** off!
In fact I was nice enough to even say goodbye to a douche like him OMG!

But he always refute, implying that he DIDN'T KNOW and he DIDN'T WANT TO PLAY. Being so adamant that he only wanted to buy me lunch. OK thanks for the lunch lah!

I'm tellin' ya making someone wait for 7 hours for total 1 game, 1 GAME... 1 GAME is preposterous and CRUEL!

and I know I'm stupid enough to actually WAIT! JEEZ!
YES YES blame me, I could have left that day but wut I WAS SO NICE I WAITED WHEN HE TOLD ME TO WAIT. Hey I'm a loyal friend especially for my SHELFISH DEMAND --> PLAY TOGETHER!

He retorted again, "I DIDN'T TELL YOU TO WAIT!"


So he was sleepy, I told him I wanted to play, then he said "well let's play after I wake up". I did ask if I should stay at the cybercafe or not, he said "up to you", offering me to WAIT. Then I told him again I'll wait there. He oked, promising me that we'd play.
For me that's an indirect way to say WAIT TIL I WAKE UP.

OI I DIDN'T ask you to buy me lunch!
You offered it to me to redeem your guilt.

I'm so gonna flip my shit to him one of these days grrr.... Just wait until you guys know ALL the details of his vexatious action towars me, so cancerous that he himself didn't aware of his own fault.

No matter how much I try to explain myself, my situation that time
He just doesn't seem to understand, or at least BE CONSIDERATE.
He only think about himself

I BOUGHT YOU A LUNCH (*to redeem 'my' fault lol)
I DIDN'T ASK YOU TO WAIT (*eventho I did suggest you to wait)

HOLY GUACAMOLE!!! I knew it's time to stop explaining myself!

and I just want to


So to retain my sanity.... (taking deep breath---)
I'd just chill (trying hard to keep my cool) (°ㅂ° ╬)

We haven't really talked much yet, like being in a cold war of sorts. hishhhhh..... I'm still so pissed atm!
This is only a LITTLE piece of shit he gave me. I'll be writing of other MAJOR HAVOC caused by him later on. But really, I know partly it was MY fault. But seriously no one would be so inconsiderate to let a friend waiting for 7 hours WITHOUT prior notice. And yes I'm dull-witted enough to actually wait that long, ridiculous!

p.s: this Huang guy can be nice sometimes, but ya just sometimes!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Gender Bender

Am I?
No, obviously,or maybe yea I was, lol. My hair was super short (but that was during my school days!) but hey wait I've changed! I meant my hair is longer now so how could one think that I'm a gender bender? Muahahaha I'm totally baffled and start to think that I'm a transversite of sort.

Sunday 17/07/2016 
Meeting old friends. I wore my favorite cat top, and I realized I didn't have a single pic with that shirt on, also it's been ages since the last time I took a selca (blame my awful dermatitis). So I decided to snap a few awkward shoots... and posted it on facebook.

Then I received a message on facebook from this unknown girl from Philipines. Loren*** Ban****

Girl: Hi can we chat?
Me: suure
Girl: how are you?
Me: quite good, thanks
Girl: Hmm ukie..  Are you married?
Me: No
Girl: I mean, how are you?
Me: (*gosh I think I've just answered that!) Fine thanks
Girl: I mean, how old are you?
Me: xx (*start to get irritated, is this an interview or what, that's why I usually drop message from unknown ppl to archive)
Me: no I'm a boy (*teasing) but jk
Girl: sorry for asking that! just to make clear
Me: I'm a girl
Girl: can you give me your REAL pic?
Me: what the? Do I look unreal to you? what do you mean by REAL pic? 
Girl: err...picture.. I mean
Me: I have bunch of photos on my album you can check it if you want, but I'm afraid my face would look surreal to you, like Dali's painting (LOL)
(an hour later)
Girl: Who's that on this photo?
Me: My fiance
Me: You can deduce!

*grrr seriously after all this time? still thinking I'm a boy, is she blind or what?

Then she banned my facebook account. kua kua kua...
The heck with her?! How can someone be so rude, hah? Maybe she just saw the photo and be like "OMG this transversite is so petan, she's so flat she gotta be a boy! I MUST ASK HER/HIM!"

lollll.... and you know what?

Last year someone just added me up to a TRANSGENDER GROUP on facebook (link won't be included for safety issue). And every freaking members of the group, as predicted, are either gay or a shemale. Holysmokes! DO I LOOK LIKE ONE? I'd frantically looking up to facial surgery if I really were, lol!
My friend bursted out laughing when he found out about it. -.-'' telling me that I MIGHT look like a transgender to them.

I'd just blame my petan-ness, but I'm born with it so what can I do, huh? getting augmentation?

I'ts 3.23 am now, practically time to sleep.
I'd be back soon with another nonsense rambling

Entry Theme Song: Not so far away
drinking: cold Delfi cocoa indulgence 

First Post

I've had TONS of blog before
but I want to start fresh! So here I am on my new blog
Hope to keep this one long enough!

By the way, I've decided to make this blog as my 'personal' place to rant, an online diary of sorts. Here, I'm gonna rambling about things I want, and that could be anything - my feelings, dreams (I mean literal one), pet peeves, just yeah a n y t h i n g.  That could be a total nonsense, some would be mundane (though I hope not), and some could be interesting enough to read.

So yeah, if you decide to stay, you know you might need to bear with my rant :)  I'm actually a nice person at heart ♥

Just to make it very clear. I can't say it enough that this is my personal space, my virtual diary. And by that - this is where I'd voice my opinion and divulge my honest thought. No one is obliged to read, as of course I'd drag some (or lots of) real name, real people who interacts with me irl. Whatever things that I write about a person, is totally based on my OWN PERSPECTIVE. That's why I said no one is obliged to read because I'm not interested in joining a tedious debate, a muddy flow of gabble and balderdash.
I NEED a medium to voice out  my thoughts and opinion, that's also the reason to why I started a new blog, I don't want to be irrelevant to my niche and being rude to shove my thought in people's face. Because - they follow me for makeup update, and might not be interested in reading a wall of text about my personal life.

I've been trying to keep my thoughts bottled up for years, and I began to feel stressed and muddled. But more than anything, I LOVE articulating my thoughts!