Sunday, May 28, 2017

Funny dota, trappy snake

Maaaan... I know I haven't posted anything for so long! I was so conflicted! I got too many blogs on my hand and I wasted lots of time by just thinking on which blog I should write, and ended up writing nothing anyway, lol.

So yeah, I'm back from iRO to Dota2 again! and recently I've been wasting my -precious- time playing doto again, partying with friends. This time, I had a f. funny moment in one of those games. I was super duper sleepy that time and was just one hit away to bed, but my friend keeps asking me to play. Being a lazyass addict I am, I oked them and chose to play anyway. We were a full pt team, and two of us were sleepy af, Me and the BB.

to make it short, we managed to push right to tier 3 tower, and I still have my ult, so I think we could be able to get tier 3 tower. with that on mind, I plant my ward near their tier 3 tower, with BB, of course, being at front. My team, to what I saw, were doing this kind of... kiting movement. so after I planted the ward,  3 of them moved back a bit and of course, as a sup, I need to be around them, so I moved back a bit.... and that's when the BB screamed in panic.

BB: *pinging nonstop*"hey guys why you leave me? heeyyy?!!!"
Friend C&A: wtf you doing just get back u weirdo!
BB: *panicky pinging* heyyy I'm gonna die, helpppppp!!!!
Me: wth stfu get back u moron
BB: *still pinging nonstop* I CAN'T!!! YOU TRAPPED ME INSIDE WARD!

it was only 2 seconds before my friends, BB, died. When I checked  - he really is trapped INSIDE the ward, with the tower (and enemies) hitting him. HAHAHAHA!

BB: *still pinging even madder* waaaaaaaaaaatt I died!

and I'm the sole reason that he's dead


I had the loudest laugh in my life.

HUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I just. cant... do anything, right, I was sleepy af and I, eh no... not only me, all of us (except BB) didn't even notice that BB is trapped inside my SS. HAHAHAHAHAHA~~~~!!!

All of us spent the next 10-15minutes, like, laughing. This is the first time I've ever trapped my team mates, inside my ward, for a BAD reason. But that was unintentional, of course :3 let's blame the sleepiness!!!

See, I was at maximum level of sleepiness while playing this game. Protip: play dota with maximum lvl of sleepiness, WTF moment guaranteed.

ye ye ye, ikr, I'd be mad af if someone were to do that to me, but it's me, the Giant in Doraemon series. so since I'm Giant. issokai. ok?

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Checking out Newbee.Boss Axx + DAC qualifier

As stated on their official twitter account, Newbee, the big esport organization from Shanghai, China has unveiled their new roster for Newbee.Boss

And everyone is just as excited as I am because Axx is a female player who would possibly be playing competitively in pro scene as well as majors. Axx was a player in CDEC Master League, and but have had some issues in 2016 regarding the tournament which can be read here. No further report could be found regarding the problem in CDEC Master League that Axx joined in before, all I know is that the result is cancelled and this issue seems to occur exclusively for Chinese dota community. But nevertheless let's hope that Axx will fit in well within the semi-pro to pro scene.

Zhang 'Xiao8' Ning
Wong 'Chuan' Hock Chuan
Luo 'Ferrari_430' Feichi
'Zei9' - the owner of Newbee

Newbee.Boss is apparently the third squad of Newbee family, initially considered as a trolling team in tier 2, they revamp their team, and interestingly, not only there's one female player in the team, Zei 9 (also known as little fatty/bullfrog), who's literally the BOSS of Newbee is also playing together in the team. He's said to be one of SanSheng's dota pupil and has down to earth attitude, the type of boss who has a friendlike relationship with the team, it's also said that the team wouldn't think twice to blame or scold him if he's feeding.

Newbee.B-Axx, with the tendency to play as a midlaner or carry, she has an impressive 7180MMR with 65% win rate, and astounding 70% win rate for Alchemist. She's initially a game streamer for PandaTV CN.

DAC qualifier is currently ongoing and you guys can check them out on this Youtube video by Dota Digest:

Current DAC 2017 China qualifier rank:

table credit to

There would be 4 teams joining in the Dota 2 Asia Championship:
iG, Team VG.J, LGD.ForeverYoung, and iG.Vitality

sadly, Newbee.Boss was placed 9th on qualifier rank and didn't make it to DAC, but their main squad, NEWBEE is directly invited, along with WINGS GAMINGS, EVIL GENIUSES, and OG.

Upcoming DAC Qualifiers:
Americas - Top team qualifies for finals
SEA- Top team qualifies for finals
Europe - Top team qualifies for finals
CIS - Top team qualifies for finals
LAN Finals
Group Stage - March 28th - March 30th, 2017
Main Event - April 1st - April 4th, 2017

All in all, Newbee.Boss is surely favored by most people because of its fun slash strange roster individual. a mix of semi-pro to pro player that plays together. Though still considered as tier 2 team, they have showed a great team match againts Cavalry and Rush B in DAC qualifiers. Perhaps it's going to be a long journey for them to be able to beat the big shot team like EG and OG, it means that they would need extra effort to progress further and be one of the real deal in Dota 2 competitive scene.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Hi guys! I'll be active on BIGO LIVE now, so if you are insterested to watch me playing any kind of games ( I play Dota 2  and Ragnarok mostly) you can follow my BIGO ID @lauwclaudia

Note that since I'm still staying at a boarding house, the connection might not be as good. I'm monitoring and when it's good I'll just give Dota 2 a kick. but if the ping isn't stable, I'll go play arcade mode like 10 vs 10 or overthrow.

My List:
- Dota 2
- IRo (International Ragnarok Online)
- Rose online
- Audition

Planning to get PS 2 emulator and plays Dance Dance Revolution and bloody roar too

My front camera is quite bad, see the noises? I guess I'll need to work on the lighting later.
if you have any games recommendation, go ahead and post a comment here, thanks and I'll see you soon!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Pajkatt back to pro scene + NAVI roster

which I've always been waiting! I cried a loud FINALLY when I heard the news from NA'VI official site and I knew I can't be any happier! Pajkatt is like, one of pro player that I've always looking forward to. In fact, I have lots of replay of Pajkatt's pub games (along with w33ha, miracle-, matumbaman, and jerax). When it comes to carry, watching Pajkatt and Matumba's games is absolutely compulsive. He's good and I hope he can just get along with NA'VI's well enough, and hopefully, would be able to strike it good for their upcoming tournaments - since everyone's also hoping that NA'VI would actually make a good comeback.

"Happy to be playing competitive Dota 2 once again, now under the Na`Vi banner. Looking forward to working hard with my new teammates and hopefully becoming a team we all can be proud to be a part of!"

I know he's coming back to pro scene sooner or later, his pub games this past months were really good and while you know that the majority of spectators in dota 2 are vicious, most of them are rooting for Pajkatt and were wondering why he isn't coming back to pro scene before he actually joined NAVI.

"Pajkatt will be a captain, drafter and carry of the team. We had time to test Per and he proved to be a true leader and intelligent team player as well as to have a great playing shape. Pajkatt has things to prove, since he didn’t have really great achievements in his career. We believe that he’ll live up to our hopes and win many titles with Na`Vi."
-Yevgeniy "HarisPilton" Zolotarov – eSports Director of Natus Vincere

The support-fourth position is filled by rmN- (German player from fantastic five), and support fifth position is taken by Malthe "Biver" Winther from Prodota Gaming.

Na'vi Spring Shuffle

[Sweden] Per Anders Olsson "Pajkatt" Lille
[Ukraine] Danil “Dendi” Ishutin
[Ukraine] Viktor “GeneRaL” Nigrini
[Germany] Roman "rmN-" Paley
[Denmark] Malthe ""Biver" Winther

As for now, I can't say much about rmN- or Biver since I haven't taken my time to indulge myself  in watching their pub games. But I believe in HarisPilton that the two would make a great member of Na'vi. That being said.

The rest three? I'm pretty sure that everyone would have known who they are. Dendi has always been one of the big shot in DotA's realm. Pajkatt is well known for getting the very first RAMPAGE ever in competitive Dota 2 with his infamous sniper. GeneRal is of course one of the best offlaner too.

With this, I'm really hoping that they would be having a nice teamwork within, as I believe that a good team work is better than impeccable individual skills. For that, I'll be tagging Wings Gaming for their PERFECT TEAM WORK, they're almost flawless in every game they had. On the contrary, we have Team Liquid, which is still my favorite Dota 2 team, they got like three 9k MMR (Miracle-, Matumbaman, GH) now in the team but haven't been performing as nice as they did with Liquid's previous roster in Manila Major. I do hope they would somehow worked their way out and be one of the big shot again this year.

Anyhow, let's hope the best for Na'vi!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Miracle- is to join Liquid + new roster

if you're following Miracle- on twitch, chance is that you've might noticed that Miracle- had been giving out a sheer hint that he's going to join Liquid. I was almost 100% assured that Miracle- is really going to be part of Liquid after FATA- declared that he's going to kick himself if Miracle- would ever wants to join the team.

And yes, it has been officially announced on TEAMLIQUIDPRO.COM. TL seems like they're super excited about the new roster as they're welcoming the new members, Miracle- and Bulba.

Pictures taken from Miracle- official twitter account, which had been changed from Miracle_doto2 to Liquid_Miracle

I have a mixed feeling about this because part of me is saddened that Jesse (JerAx) had to leave Liquid and FATA- is taking a break from Dota.

"I feel like its rather necessary for me to do. From too much stress of the frequent travels to just not enjoying the game as I used to," he wrote. "I hope the break will clear up some things for me, motivate me and hopefully allow me to be a better player when i do come back. Right now I do not have a certain idea how long it will last. I just want to wait till I feel I really want to play and win again." said FATA-
I just hope that someday the new, refreshed FATA- would return to pro scene, finger crossed!

On the other hand, I'm so thrilled by the fact that one of the best player in the world is officially joining my most favored team, Liquid. I've seen Miracle- and Matumbaman playing with and againts each other in pub games, but from now on they'll embark the pro scene together as a team, I'm DROP DEAD HAPPY! My top ten favorite players in a team, almost like a dream team for me and I seriously can't wait to see them playing together as a team in the upcoming tournament.

"I am looking forward to playing with Team Liquid since I have been friends with everyone on the team for a while. I wish that we can fulfill our dreams together and achieve everything that we hope for." -Miracle

Team Liquid new roster (2016)
Miracle- (Amer Barqawi) - midlaner
Matumbaman (Lasse Urpalainen) - carry
KuroKy - support
Mind_control (Ivan Borislavov) - offlaner
Bulba (Kanishka 'Sam' Sosale) - support

By the way, especially for those who are still single (lol) and got nothing to do on Saturday night, be sure to drop off to TL #MATUMBAMAN-AMA channel on discord as they're going to be having fun with us fans.

It's going to be another big year for Liquid`Dota, and we're kicking off our new team with an AMA with none other than Liquid`MATUMBAMAN! On Saturday, Sep 17 5:00pm GMT (GMT+00:00), join us on our Discord server and throw your best questions at one of the world's best carries. You can talk mother Russia's premium Dotka, or just hang out and have fun with your fellow Liquid fans. Knowing MATUMBA, this could be one of the greatest AMA's of all time, so make sure to be there.

Just follow this link to join.

Once you've entered Team Liquid Community via the link, you'll be taken straight to the Discord via browser (or app if you have it) and plopped into the #registration chat. It may seem empty, but don't fret, as we'll help you map things out so you can join in on the action! Type "add all" into the #registration channel (this will bring up all our chat rooms) and you'll quickly spot the #MATUMBAMAN-AMA channel. Click on it and you're there.

MATU's AMA will be live at 19:00 CEST -- channel will be live closer to event start I'll see you there guys!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Miracle- Stream Music Playlist (Sept 2016)

You might have heard a few of these songs being played by yours truly Miracle- while streaming, but just in case you've missed a few, here's Miracle- stream music playlist as per September 2016.
Playlist by kookeee (Miracle-'s avid manager)

It contains 111 music, mostly by Hollywood Undead, from ashes to new, ashes remain, blue stahli, lansdowne, etc, check it out yourself!

If you're watching him streaming on twitch, you'll notice a huge burst in his channel chat everytime he plays this legendary music:


Listen to its glory and be ready for a banjo dance! It has become the legendary road to 9k MMR dota stream music because it's originally played by Arteezy on his own stream channel. Many dislikes the music and dissed Arteezy for his music tastes, but when Miracle- starts to play the music, everything is different. Let me quote some message by a random watcher:

I start to like RTZ's taste in music now because of you Miracle

though, I personally LOVE the music, SWAMP THING is one of the best (even Dota Watafak use Swamp Thing quite often!) Currently my second favorite (from Miracle- playlist), the first being WE ARE ELECTRIC, which kookeee forgot to enlist. Some newer dota player enthusiastically asked about 'we are electric' when Miracle- plays it. While avid old dota player would of course knew how legendary 'we are electric' is, thanks to WODOTA :)

Miracle- ♥ Arteezy

By the way, Miracle- is using uybghm as his current nick for streaming (id: 105248644). I passionately scoured almost all of 6k-ish MMR LIVE play just to find POS7 or Ragnar(armageddon), whom Amer party with the most.

As for me, I don't really have Dota 2 music 'playlist'. But when I was still playing dota 1, the command -music other4 is my favorite, and even until now I'm still hooked on DotA (warcraft) bgms. So this has always been my favorite playlist.

Warcraft bgms are irreplaceable! It gives a nostalgic touch to Dota 2, so that's why I love listening to this music while playing Dota 2.

How about you? What's your favorite playlist and why?

Friday, August 26, 2016

Miracle-, Cr1t, Moon part ways with OG, DC welcomed Moon

Moonmeander has been removed from OG. Meanwhile, Miracle- and Cr1t chose to part ways with OG on their own accord. 


Seriously OG? After you defeat my beloved Liquid at Manila Major?
I kind of wanted to say, "why don't you do it sooner?" (so Liquid can take first place on Manila Major), no offense though! because I don't, and would never say it!


I'm not a die hard fan of OG, in fact, at first, I got so vexed by OG because they defeated Liquid on Manila Major grand final. But it was an awesome, fair 'n square match so I couldn't really complain about anything and just accept the result with dignity. Both teams were doing their best and I appreciate that. *though I bawled like there's no tomorrow that time because I'M DYING TO SEE LIQUID WIN!*

From there on, I have this love-and-hate relationship with OG, like I had with NAVI (remembers how NAVI won  the very first TI ever?) I'm a huge fan of MYM back then! I watched their very last Dota 1 tournament (MYM vs NAVI) which reminds me a lot to EG vs Alliance epic come back in TI6. Yes MYM won and I truly cried my soul out when they defeat NAVI that time. That love and hate relationship, chiseled me out to be a fan of NAVI (read: Dendi *sorry Dendi!) later on, particularly because I love how humble and loyal Dendi is!

And I know I was going to be one of OG's fan  anytime soon!

Then this happened...
Just like moonmeander said,

"I really hope it is a joke"

sadly it is not...

I knew it was true upon seeing this post on OG's facebook page.

TI Shuffle Season: Change is Never Easy
It’s been an amazing year for OG.
After a little Monkey Business, we came together, trusted in each other and fought hard.
The Frankfurt Major win wouldn’t have happened without the incredible support we got from the community, our insanely passionate fans and the all-or-nothing attitude from every single player on the team.
With the Shanghai loss, we were disheartened. We re-grouped and promised to work harder, train harder and prove it at every event we attended.
Vials of Blood, sweat and tears later, we were ready for Manila. Winning our second Major event proved that our decision to stick together and believe in each other through the lows was the right thing to do.
Days later, we were on stage with the ESL One Trophy in Frankfurt and shortly after, ended second to Wings at The Summit.
Today we recollect ourselves in the aftermath of what we all had come together to fight for: The International. For us, OG is more than just MMR and prize-money. It’s getting to take the game we love to new heights and share it with family.
We let ourselves down but we’re not giving up.
Change is never easy but it’s here. We will fight our way back to the number 1 spot but today we announce the departure of three of OG’s year-long members: MoonMeander, Miracle- and Cr1t-.
We’ve made the difficult decision that Moon will no longer be an active player on the OG roster but wish him nothing but success wherever he decides to go. Cr1t- and Miracle- have chosen to find their new homes elsewhere in the DOTA2 arena.
The former OGs had the following to say:
“I’d like to thank OG for everything it has done for me. I wish them good luck in their future endeavours” ― Moon
“I would like to thank OG for everything. I had a really great time and thanks to Red Bull for the support they've been amazing. We had a really good times and great memories together. I would like to thank Johan and Tal, they both taught me alot. I still love everyone on OG, they are like a family to me and I wish them the very best.” — Miracle-
“I am very appreciative for the past season that I shared with the 4 players on OG. We accomplished something few would have expected and it was the dream start to my career. I will forever cherish this last year and it’s with mixed feelings that I move on and continue to develop my career that all begun with OG. I hope that the fans that followed us and cheered for us will keep following me on my new endeavours. Shoutout to all my former teammates as well as Evany our manager and coach Seb.” ― Cr1t-
In the early days of OG, no one believed that the five guys in green would be able to claim a stake as one of the most achieved DOTA2 teams in the world. Two Major trophies later and now with changes to our group, we don’t intend to stop.
To Moon, Miracle- and Cr1t-: we will miss you. A family might have its ups and downs but it doesn’t just go away. We built a legacy together and all you will all be a part of that.Thank you.
We’ll soon announce the exciting new faces to OG… and some other surprises. We need our incredibly supportive fans (you!) to know that we aren’t going anywhere. The journey to fill the OG trophy cabinet starts again. There has always been just one dream.


a few days ago, Moon uploaded a sad sad SAD video titled "OG Dota 2 Documentary - The First of it's Kind " Go prepare a kleenex and cry your heart out.

And I can feel that my sadness is slowly turning into ANGER! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!



Someone tagged me on twitter. Moon said:
 'I'm little bit stressed', dota, it's all business. Not gonna let myself fall into that TRAP again, FRIENDSHIP THINGS IS ALL BULLSHIT. I was wrong the entire time, I was lying to myself about friendship thing. In the end of the days, money talks.

I HATE changes and would never like it. I still think of Miracle-, particularly, as part of OG. The same goes for the rest... Cr1t left first, Moon then got kicked from OG because of 'clashing personality' (not because a lack of skill). Miracle- left because he doesn't 'feel the same anymore', according to Moon. Though, Miracle- plays for glory, not for money. But not everyone is the same.

Anyway, I've been wondering what OG stands for....

OG stands for: Orangutan Gangsta, Oh Great, Overpowered Gorillas. People said: Original Gangsta. I said: Old Geezer, lol! Siractionslacks said: Overrated Gamers? N0tail answered: OLYMPIC GAYS.

MWAHAHAHAH!!! Fcking funny.


Anyhow, Moon is warmly welcomed in his new team, Digital Chaos, replacing Moo.
Moo and Moo(n), Jun said DC will be better with Moon because of the extra (n), lol -.-

I'm dying to know where Miracle- and Cr1t would be in!!!
Some peoples want Miracle- to join Team Secret, making a 9k duo in the team, lol. What do you think?

Speaking about 9k MMR, let's digress a little, our drunk boi Liquid.Matumbaman nearly hit 9k MMR too, check this out... if he wins 3 more games in a row, he'll be the third to reach freaking 9K MMR.


I had this one wish that someday Liquid would really be able to defeat OG. Like Lasse said,

"everytime losing to them(OG), next time we gonna beat them"

I feel disappointed now that the old OG is no longer here, but let's hope the best to all of them! #dreamgreen is still very much alive. And Liquid, I'll be making something 'nice' for you guys! I will post it publicy as soon as our Matumbaman hit 9k MMR, fingercrossed!